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As an experienced Gloucestershire-based copywriter, I do the article rewriting that you or your clients don't have the time, specialist skills or inclination to do. Whatever your requirement for article rewriting, I’ll help you get the job off your to-do list so those articles can work for you in the market. We should talk, because professionally re-written articles are a great way to repurpose your online content.

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More about article rewriting

So, what is article rewriting? It’s the reworking of any kind of article for another purpose. The term is particularly applied to the repurposing of online articles for SEO purposes. Specifically, to avoid being penalised by Google and other search engines for publishing duplicate content.

I write and rewrite articles for a variety of print and online purposes. But if we’re focusing on online articles, I must distinguish between article spinning (which I don’t do) and rewriting articles by hand (which I do). The former often uses software to automatically replace identified words with synonyms to generate lots of of different articles. Effective as some people believe this to be for avoiding SEO duplicate content penalties, the software doesn’t do a very good job.

I don’t like the approach and as an ethical online article writer I concur with the view that it’s a blackhat SEO technique – which means it’s a no-no for me. Besides, the articles created by an automated article changer are invariably of much lower quality than hand-written (or hand re-written) ones. As an article writer who prides himself on the quality and uniqueness of everything I write, spun articles are not for me.

Good reasons for rewriting articles

Now that’s clear, here are some good reasons why you might want to do article rewriting:

  • Rework draft copy
  • Rewrite and update tired old content
  • Create a hand-crafted variant of an SEO article

Lets look at these one by one

Rewrite draft copy

It’s relatively easy to throw together a piece of rough draft copy: a few notes; some bullet points; a single key idea. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if that’s how you like to work. But writing isn’t everyone’s thing, and polishing a draft into a jewel of written communication takes time and specialised editing skills.

Clients of my article rewriting service regularly give me their rough ideas and ask me to work them into a finished article (or another type of collateral). With their ideas captured in MS Word or on paper, they can get on with what they do best while I do what I do every day – writing and editing.

What’s more, when I have raw material to work with, I can often charge less for article rewriting than when I work from scratch. That’s good for you, my client, because it stretches your writing budget further. The saying ‘More bang for your buck’ comes to mind.

Rewrite and update old content

In another scenario, your article is getting a bit long in the tooth. Things have changed, markets have evolved and business has moved on. The basic ideas still apply, but your article needs a facelift. Because I’m an experienced article rewriter, I can help, by taking your brief, gleaning new source material and rewriting your article. Again, while you get on with something else that uses your time more effectively.

Write a variation on an SEO article

As an experienced SEO article writer, I’ve written hundreds of pieces for websites, article submission sites and blogs. It’s a skilled art and not easy to do well. Proprietary software (such as Wordflood) for rewriting articles doesn’t work very well. By the time you’ve carefully avoided inadvertently creating duplicate content, you might as well rewrite the article manually. That’s why rewriting of SEO articles by hand makes sense when you need to create new online content.

So we’ve established that article writing and rewriting by hand is the best way to go. But where do you find the time? If you simply don’t have the time, skill or inclination to do your own article repurposing, using a professional is a no-brainer. But even if you have the writing ability to create or rewrite articles, I’m sure you appreciate that hiring a professional makes sense and represents a good investment. You can get on with what you do best for your organisation while I do what I do best – article writing and rewriting.

Take the next step?

Will you let that vital article rewriting go undone and miss the opportunity to get more out of your content? Or will you take advantage of the professional rewriting service that helps you need to get article reworking off your to-do list? And of course, if rewriting isn’t the solution, how about a brand new article using your keywords?

Either way, I can help. Please contact me.

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