automotive copywriter

Automotive copywriter

Are you looking for a skilled copywriter who can get their head around the challenges of writing for the automotive industry? Someone with an interest in cars and driving, experience writing for the motor industry and a demonstrable track record across print, online, PR and technical automotive writing?

Good! Then we should talk. I've written for manufacturers such as Toyota as well as for other organisations in different automotive sectors. If you don't have the time, inclination or specialist skills to craft the words for your (or your client's) organisation, I can probably help...

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Automotive copywriter for Mosaique Design and Bentley


More about choosing your automotive copywriter

I make no excuse for interpreting automotive copywriting broadly:

  • Vehicle and parts manufacturers (inc. Toyota GB and TRW).
  • Vehicle leasing specialists (such as West Midlands Vehicles).
  • Chauffeur businesses, such as Azure and MG Executive Travel.
  • Road haulage businesses (such as Hacklings and Klége Europe).
  • Blogging about specialist automotive industry translation services.
  • Independent motor repairers (IMRs).
  • Automotive accessories
  • Automotive retailer support (Bentley Classic Collection)


Copywriter for independent motor repair sector (IMR)

Automotive writing capability across technical, copy and PR writing

As well as sector experience, it helps to choose someone with capability across a range of copywriting types. My current capability includes the following:
  • Website copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Blog post writing
  • Online content writing
  • Brochure writing
  • Newsletter writing
  • Product descriptions
  • Technical copywriting (for example, technical datasheet writing)
  • PR writing (I'd love to apply my skills to your automotive PR writing)
  • Copy-editing
  • Automotive editorial

Please note: one of the few areas I don't generally work in is conceptual advertising copy. It's just a historical thing...

Automotive editorial writer


Translation for the automotive industry blog post

My interest in cars and motor sport helped Uchi Clothing and Geckota

Although neither of these organisations is an 'automotive company', their products have close connections with the automotive and motor sport world – and my interest in cars and motor sport came in handy while writing for both.
For Uchi Clothing, it was while writing for the launch website pages of the Uchi Horology Series. The fiorst product just happened to be a tribute to the famous Heuer Monaco Cal.11 racing chronograph, the one that Steve McQueen's character 'Michael Delaney' wore in the film Le Mans.
As well as deploying my watch knowledge, being a Porsche 917 fan and having some historical knowledge of the Le Mans 24 hour sports car race, was invaluable.
Motor racing, the mighty Porsche 917 and Uchi Clothing
It was the same for watch company Geckota when they needed an in-depth article on motor racing watches and their association with motor sport.
Online article about motor racing watches for Geckota

Face-to-face contact matters

I'm a great believer in the value of face-to-face contact before and during a copywriting project. Being located in the English Cotswolds puts me within easy travelling distance of many of the main names in the UK car industry: Jaguar, Land-Rover and Aston Martin in the Midlands, BMW Mini in Oxford, Morgan in the Malverns and others, such as Porsche, BMW UK and Toyota GB just down the M4 corridor.
We're equally close if your agency works for vehicle and parts manufacturers (my work for Toyota GB was done through Mosaique Design in Tewkesbury; for TRW it was Summersault in Leamington Spa) and you're based in Gloucestershire or surrounding counties. As I keep saying (and my clients agree), face-to-face contact matters – Skype and online meeting applications are all well and good, but nothing beats sitting down around a table...

Automotive copywriter for Toyota GB (Client: Mosaique Design)

One automotive copywriter from enquiry to sign-off

Unlike some writing agencies offering automotive copywriting, I don't employ writers or subcontract your work out. And I don't categorize (commoditize?) quality copywriting as mere 'content' as some 'automotive copywriters appear to do. 
Instead, I do everything from initial meetings to final sign-off and beyond. Yes, it creates its own challenges (especially when things get busy), but I've learned to manage that. If your copywriting requirement is a suite of complex brochures, a hundred-page website, weekly press releases and point of sale, I won't be right for you and you should hire a copywriting agency that employs many people. But if your requirement is more modest, my personal involvement is ideal – a Mosaique Design discovered when we worked on Toyota GB's quarterly newsletters and technical data sheets for the independent motor repairers (IMRs) sector.


Automotive copywriter samples

I'm not a cheap 'copy mill' or 'content machine'

Of course, managing copywriting costs matters. But please don't expect me to write web pages for £20, press releases for £35 or blog posts for £85 quid. From experience, I know that this is generally only possible with writers who don't have English as a first language, students working for 'peanuts' or desperate writers trying to break into the field. After nearly 10 years of freelance writing and hundreds of successful projects, I know how long it takes to research and write decent copy. And you, I'm sure, are smart enough to understand the difference between 'copy mill' output and a proper professional copywriter. I'm not a content marketing machine. I'm a human being with a strong background in sales, marketing, technical writing, copywriting and PR. I learned to write for conventional media, then successfully transitioned to digital media.

Technical copywriter for the automotive industry

Genuine interest in the motor industry

I guess it helps that I have a genuine and sustained interest in the motor industry too. I've owned, run and occasionally worked on vehicles as diverse as Porsche's 944, a Toyota Hilux 4x4 pickup and my current Skoda Yeti. I've worked with and in car and commercial vehicle transport workshops in the construction industry too. And I spent the best part of 15 years running RoSPA defensive driving groups (in Reading and Yeovil) as well as tutoring defensive driving and consistently maintaining a Gold RoSPA test pass over this period.

Automotive copywriter transport: Skoda Yeti

A valuable resource

Put my experience, interest in the automotive industry and demonstrable writing skills together and you've got a valuable resource whenever you want persuasive messages, engaging SEO copy and tailored automotive messages. You could be a manufacturer such as Volvo or Aston Martin, or  a consumables maker such as Michelin. Whatever your place in the automotive market, the time will come when you need fresh writing. When that time arrives, please remember me...

Automotive writing examples

Industry giant or micro-business? I can help you.

Whether you're an industry giant or a small specialist supplying components into the automotive industry, I can help. Particularly so if you are the latter, because you may not have in-house writing resources or the time to craft a brochure, do automotive PR writing, create automotive-website copy or research and write automotive case studies. What's more, you may not have the budget to retain an agency such as Mosaique Design or Summersault.

Automotive website copywriter

I need an automotive copywriter. What do I do next?

That's enough about me. Now let's have a chat and see how I can contribute to the success of your, or your client's, marketing in the automotive industry. As you would expect, your initial consultation is usually free.

Please call 01242 520 573 or email me

Gloucestershire automotive copywriter




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