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As an experienced aviation and defence copywriter I can help with your aerospace or defence website, brochure, PR or technical copy when you haven't the time, specialist skills or desire to do it yourself. We should talk because a skilled aviation writer like me can make words fly higher or strike harder for your aviation or defence organisation...

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More about aviation and defence copywriting

If I could show you how your aviation brochure, press release or aerospace website copy could be improved, you'd want my input, wouldn't you? Or perhaps you already know what needs to be done, but you simply don’t have time to get vital writing off your to-do list. That’s a shame because marketing collateral can’t work for you while it’s still just an unrealised idea in your imagination. Maybe you need a defence or aviation writer like me?

It could be a new aerospace equipment website, like the one I wrote for Aerospace Fasteners, or an engaging aerospace brochure like Scott Aerospace's. How about something for an aerospace consultancy business such as Hawksland Consultants, or even a well-researched long-form website article like the one below, for UK-based watch and strap business Geckota Ltd. They all draw on my writing skills and fascination for aviation. 

Vulcan Bomber aviation history article writing for Geckota

Differentiating your aviation or defence business

That's where I can help, with the probing fact-finding that brings out the differentiators that set you apart from competitors. Then I write for you – getting on with the copywriting that you haven't been able to get around to. That's what happened with Aerospace Fasteners.

Your objectives; my passion for writing about aerospace

It could be a press release, new website copy, newsletter content to engage your customers and prospects, or the in-depth online articles that every aviation website needs. Whatever I write (or copyedit, if you want me to improve your own draft aviation-related content) is driven by your business objectives and my passion for anything with wings or rotors, and the businesses that support flight.

Whether you want help writing about your work for Tier 1 aerospace suppliers, or your aviation-related watches, please contact me for a chat about how we could improve your aviation or defence-related copy – just as organisations as diverse as Hawksland Associates, Scott Aerospace, Aerospace Fasteners, Geckota Ltd and SEA (Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd) have done.

Brochure copywriter for Hawksland associates.

From aviation consultancy to pilot watches and communicating the joy of flight

Because I've worked in and around the aviation and defence industry as well as writing about it, I bring a broad understanding of this world. My interests in aviation and aviation writing embrace helicopters, technical communications, aviation and defence consultancies, aerospace suppliers, air travel and even pilot watches.

Aviation travel writer for The Local Answer

Born into aviation and aerospace

My parents both worked in Bristol's aerospace industry – working for the British Aeroplane Corporation (BAC) as it was known at the time. What's more, as someone who grew up, lived and later worked in Bristol, England, it's probably no surprise that I eventually ended up working in and around one of the city's defining industries.

When I trained as a technical author, my CGLI project was about safe boarding procedures for helicopter aviation – a fascinating project that drew on experience gained flying with a Swiss heli-logging company in the late 1980s as well as valuable input from Bristol-based Polo Aviation. Later, I'd spend more time in and around working helicopters in British Columbia Canada. I'll never forget being at Adamant's Lodge, north of Revelstoke in British Columbia's Selkirk Mountains, the day of the September 11 attacks (9/11) in 2001...

A lifelong interest in flight and aviation topics

Add this to lifelong interest in flight, and decades of short- and long-haul flying, and you get the valuable understanding of aviation and aerospace that's helped various clients during my aerospace copywriting career. I'm not a pilot-turned-aviation-copywriter like some writers. I'm a skilled, experienced copywriter with a genuine interest and feel for aviation and defence topics. Imagine how that could add value for your aviation-related business.

Airbus UK, Rolls-Royce plc and more...

While Piper Group plc in the 1990s and early 2000s, I worked on various projects for the Airbus UK Technical Publications Department at Filton – including internal newsletter copywriting and editing manuals for the technical writing process of documents such as CMM, AMM, IPC and NDT. Before leaving Piper Group to work for a technical PR agency, I even contributed to the Airbus A-380 Tooling & Equipment Manual (TEM)!

With Rolls-Royce plc also based in Bristol, and closely connected with Pipers, I also gained experience writing for the world-class aero-engine maker. As an aviation technical writer, I rewrote and edited their Ground Support Equipment (GSM) Manual. Unlike many aviation manuals, the GSE required long-copy writing. That suited my skills perfectly as I translated engineers' accurate but often-longwinded, information into engaging, readable information for the manual's users.

Freelance aviation copywriter since 2006

As a freelance copywriter, my work for clients such as Piper Group (now part of BAE SYSTEMS), LionBridge, Hawksland Consultants, Scott Aerospace and Aerospace Fasteners has consisted mainly of PR writing, editing, brochure and website copywriting. And for UK-based watch and watch strap company Geckota? A variety of product description and article copywriting around their range of aviation-inspired watches. Articles have included in-depth long-form writing on topics such as the German Fliegeruhren of the 1930s and 1940s, and a two-parter on the best watches for pilots. The latter elicited a glowing review from a current Airbus A-380 pilot who described it as follows:

'The very best article on pilot's watches I ever read. Accurate, full of important information, clearly written by a true expert. My sincere congratulations to the author.'

From Airbus manuals to supplier websites and on to informative articles about aviation-related topics such as watches? That's the kind of versatility that I can bring to your aviation, aerospace or defence brand.

Aviation copywriter - Pilot watches

Professional copywriting makes sense

As you probably realise, even if you can write your own copy, hiring professional help often makes sense and represents a good investment. I do what I do best while you can get on with what you do best for your aerospace or defence organisation. As I’ve already done (directly, or indirectly through design and marketing intermediaries), for organisations including these:

  • Aerospace Fasteners
  • Scott Aerospace
  • Geckota Ltd (pilot's watches)
  • Rheinmetall Technical Publications UK
  • Pearson Finch (defence-related engineering consultancy)
  • SEA (Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd)
  • Airbus UK (client: LionBridge)
  • Airbus UK (with Piper Group plc)
  • Rolls-Royce plc (with Piper Group plc)
  • Piper Group plc
  • Milsom Industrial Designs Limited
  • BAEHal (with Piper Group plc)
  • Rise Helicopters (with Great Position!)
  • IES Ltd
  • BMT Defence, Bath
  • Hawksland Associates

Rise Helicopters page image – selected SEO copywriting by Al Hidden, Gloucestershire copywriter.

From brochures, newsletters and press releases to datasheets and SEO website content, my interest in aviation and defence matters has helped me craft engaging content. I know my Krueger flaps from my slat tracks, and my marine platforms from my ground support equipment. We should talk…

Defence copywriter SEA News newsletter

Get vital aviation or defence copy off your to-do list

Clearly, with my help, you'll get that vital written content off your to-do list and working for you in print or online. Please contact me for a no-obligation chat about your copywriting requirements. When we work on your copywriting project the benefits include the following:

  • Cost-effective writing when needed; no overhead when you don't.
  • A fresh perspective on your writing.
  • As little aerospace corporate-speak as possible.
  • A copywriter with years of aerospace and defence exposure.
  • Get vital copywriting off your to-do list.
  • Save time – I can probably write faster than you.
  • And my hourly rate is probably less than yours too…

aviation copywriter easyjet to geneva bristol airport

A special interest: copywriter experience around
working helicopters

Are you responsible for creating marketing or technical information in the helicopter industry? Whether you work in helicopter components, helicopter manufacture or helicopter flight operations, you probably have marketing messages that need to be disseminated. Or perhaps you work for a design or PR agency with helicopter aviation clients?

Do you have the time or specialised writing skills to do the copywriting for your helicopter business?

Whatever your involvement in the helicopter industry, do you have the time or the specialist writing skills to get that vital copywriting off your to-do list? Why keep those marketing messages in a low hover when a skilled freelance copywriter with helicopter exposure could help you make the transition into soaring high altitude marketing or technical communication in print or online?

freelance helicopter industry copywriters gloucestershire

A copywriter with rotary-wing experience

That’s where I can help you, as an experienced, sensibly priced marketing and technical copywriter with the added benefit of a useful helicopter CV ranging from heli-logging in the Swiss Alps to mountain flying exposure in British Columbia. It all adds up to more engagement and passion for promoting your rotary wing business - and being able to understand the special communication challenges that you face.

  • Website content
  • Search engine optimised (SEO) website content
  • Helicopter articles for online article submission
  • Brochures
  • Press releases
  • Datasheets
  • Case studies (your clients sell your services in their words)
  • Helicopter aviation blog entries

Interested? Please contact me. to see how we can get words working more effectively for your helicopter business – and free more of your time to do what only you can do for your organisation.

As the following highlights of my 'helo CV' reveal, I’ve always been fascinated by the ‘angry palm trees’, those collections of, as someone once described a helicopter, ‘thousands of mechanical components flying in close formation’.

Heli-logging in Switzerland

My first helicopter flight experience came in the late 1980s when, travelling in south-eastern Switzerland, I ended up spending a week in the left-hand seat of an Aerospatiale SA 315 Lama operated by a heli-logging crew from a remote Alpine village.

Later, when I studied technical authorship and technical communication, I wrote a project on safe-boarding procedures for light helicopters on non-scheduled flights. This work, researched with help from Polo Aviation, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB), British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and others helped me gain a Distinction in my CGLI Communication of Technical Information qualifications.

Praise from the British Helicopter Advisory Board (BHAB)

An unexpected, but very much appreciated consequence of this work came when my project was commended by J P W Friedberger, then Chief Executive of the British Helicopter Advisory Board in The Rotorhead, who said: ‘...a thoroughly sound and useful piece of work. On behalf of the helicopter industry I am very grateful to you.’

Based on my research, I later wrote the helicopter safety article Sting in the tail.

Technical writer experience

With these qualifications, I got into technical publications and technical copywriting with Bristol-based Piper Group plc (now part of BAE Systems) and began six years of copywriting and long engineering-content writing for Airbus UK, Rolls-Royce plc and other Piper Group clients.

Research for helicopter novel-writing

During this period I started work on a first novel (completed, but as yet unpublished) with substantial helicopter aviation content. Inspired by an incident uncovered while researching my CGLI paper. Research for my novel involved several research trips to British Columbia and help from Joe Fiorante (managing partner at Camp Fiorante Matthews), a leading Vancouver-based helicopter aviation lawyer, TSB Canada and R.J. Waldron and Co. Ltd., specialist air-accident investigators in Richmond, B.C.

Bell 206b at Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton

Bell 212s, the Canadian Rockies and 9/11

As part of my research for the book, I also spent a week flying in British Columbia's Selkirk Mountains near Revelstoke in one of Alpine Helicopters’ Bell-212s. The experience had added poignancy from being in the mountains on 11 September 2001. Back in the UK, Gloucestershire-based helicopter operator Heliflight was also very helpful when I needed some last-minute Bell 206b JetRanger insights.

Freelance copywriter for the helicopter industry

When I set up my own freelance copywriting business in 2006, it was always one of my objectives to write for the helicopter industry. An exciting opportunity came in conjunction with SEO consultant Neil Tufano (Great Position!) and Cheltenham web designers MA Design Ltd. On a project for Staverton, Gloucestershire-based Rise Helicopters.

The work included additional web pages for their site, online PR and SEO article writing. The subject matter? A diverse mix of helicopter-related topics covering everything from helicopter trial lessons and private helicopter hire to the commercial pilots licence (CPL-H) and how to become a helicopter pilot. My work, just one part of a much larger web project, contributed to the improved online success of Rise Helicopters.

SEO copywriting for Rise Helicopters: SEO page content.

Differentiating and promoting your helicopter company next?

So there you have it, my ‘helo CV’ in a nutshell. Whether you are a helicopter operator or you promote heli-skiing or heli-hiking travel, my interests and experience, allied to my professional skills as one of the leading copywriters in Gloucestershire could help to differentiate and promote your business.

For a no-obligation chat about how I could help promote your helicopter-related business, please call me on 01242 520 573 or email me

Aviation copywriting? I could help you too

Okay, so now you've seen some examples of the defence and aviation-related organisations that have already entrusted me with their copywriting. They're all prominent in their field – major players who can't afford to take chances with the words that promote them.

With my background in aerospace and experience writing for aviation and defence, imagine how I could help you and your organisation. I'd like to show you how I can add value to your marketing, technical, PR or online communications.

Let's talk aviation copywriting or defence writing. Please call 01242 520 573 or email me

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