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Where should you start when looking for your B2B marketing content writer, whether you are in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, across the South West or elsewhere in the UK?

Content and the 'content is king' mantra have become newly topical recently, with the emergence of content marketing, the semantic web and the new face of Google search. The idea is simple: first you create content that is genuinely helpful and relevant to your prospects. Then you make it available through your website and via social media sharing. Lastly, you watch the enquiries role in... And that's in addition to all the usual B2B media content you create such as website pages, brochure content, press releases, customer success stories and so on...

However, whether it's a shareable online article or the B2B product and service descriptions on your website, one thing's certain. That's the importance of marketing content development and creating well-written, useful content that answers searchers' requirements and reflects their intent when searching for information, products or services.

And that's where I help. When you don't have the time, specialist skills or inclination to write your own B2B marketing content, I do.

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More about B2B marketing content

The idea of 'content being king' has become topical recently as Google's search criteria have evolved, another algorithm change has affected old-school SEO practices and content marketing has become so important for organisations like yours and mine. But this isn't actually a new idea at all. In fact, Bill Gates of Microsoft coined the phrase in a seminal essay published several years before Google came to prominence. So why then, if it isn't anything new, has B2B content creation now become so important for our always on, online, social-media -connected world? Here are some ideas on the subject.

The right content for your business

That B2B content marketing has been around for as long as Google gives an important clue to choosing the right content marketing writer for your business. While 'newbie' writers may know the Internet, the Web and the subtleties of Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other social platforms, they may not have the breadth and depth of B2B content creation that an experienced copywriter will bring. Especially if that someone had already developed 'traditional' copywriting skills before becoming fluent in online copywriting techniques and trends. Read more in this post on my blog...


B2b marketing content writer's blog post

Will you give content writing a go yourself?

Of course, you may decide to give B2B content writing a go for yourself. For a moment, let's set aside the time it will take, the need to master an unfamiliar writing discipline and the other demands of your business. First of all, I'd recommend getting your head around the best of current thinking on the subject. To do this you'll need to do some reading. Here, from the Gloucestershire Copywriter's copywriting reference library and in no particular order of preference (they're all very good), are seven recommended resources for anyone aspiring to do their own B2B content writing:

  • Everybody Writes; Ann Handley
  • Valuable Content Marketing; Sonia Jefferson & Sharon Tanton
  • Epic Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi
  • Content Rules; Ann Handley & C.C. Chapman
  • Content Strategy for the Web; Kristina Halvorson & Melissa Rach
  • Optimize; Lee Odden
  • Youtility; Jay Baer

You know you need good content to earn prospects' attention and incite their action. When you've ploughed your way through this little lot, annotated and highlighted them, learned what you need to learn and found the time to write, you're ready to embrace the new key to search success, engagement on social networking and a resurgence in outbound marketing.

Please don't cut corners

I'd thoroughly recommend that you don't try to cut corners with your content research and writing. There are plenty of websites offering articles and other content for a few pounds or dollars, but the results will undoubtedly disappoint you. (You may be interested in an experiment that I tried with a $5 website; read what happened here)

If you want to create decent content that will be useful and relevant for prospective customers, there's no substitute for employing a skilled, experienced copywriter who can create suitably high-quality content.

No place for cheap 'commodity' content

This isn't the time or place for cheap 'commodity' writing. Any content you offer prospective customers needs to be well written and relevant, genuinely useful content that has value and relevance to those who read it (and the search engines such as Google).

And you need a content strategy, even if it's only a simple one within your main promotional plan. Here are a few questions to help you through your content strategy checklist

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Who are you writing for (think about the reader's persona)?
  • What will each piece of content cause the reader to do?
  • How will each piece of content be optimised for SEO?
  • When will you distribute your content (editorial calendar)?
  • Which media will you use?
  • What content will you create?
  • How will you monitor the performance of your content?

What will you write about?

B2B marketing content writer example of blog content

Now you need something to write about! Here are a few examples of B2B content that can be tailored to your particular requirements:

  • Curation of valuable posts from your blogs (your own or other people's)
  • Interviews (customers, third-party experts or in-house experts)
  • A guest post on your own blog
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • E-books
  • Reviews
  • Articles
  • Share best practice
  • 'How to' information
  • Share successes or failures
  • Draw on popular culture (fiction or cinema) for business insights
  • Lists and checklists



Once you've designed your content strategy and decided what you want to create content about, it's time to brief your chosen content writer. With that done, you can get on with running your organisation while they get creative. Perhaps you will want them to create content on an as-required basis. Alternatively, you could brief them to create a pool of content that you can draw on over a longer period. As well as creating new content, remember the possibilities for repurposing existing content (e.g. case studies into blog posts) or 'atomising' content once it's been created (e.g. turning a blog post into a series of Twitter or LinkedIn updates.

Is this really the best use of your time?

But here's the thing: as ever with copywriting, content creation takes time and requires well-honed skills. You may have a content strategy, but research and writing of the content is demanding. And even if you can write your own content, is doing so really the best use of your time? Honestly?

I'll take all the hard work out of this for you

Now imagine getting your B2B content creation done and off your to-do list, while you get on with other business tasks that best use your skills and let you make your most valuable contribution to your organisation? That's what I do, and why, since 2006, I've taken the hard work out of crafting engaging content for clients like you.

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