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So you think you need the help of an independent blogger? As an experienced copywriter based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, I do the blog content writing that you don't have the time, specialist skills or inclination to write yourself. As your blogger, I’ll get writing off your to-do list and out on the web where it can work for you. We should talk, because I'll take the hassle out of the regular weblog writing that's so important to you...

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Blog content writer examples

More about choosing a blog content writer

Is yours a diary blog or the commentary blog that's of most interest to businesses? Either way, you know blogging’s great for connecting with clients, demonstrating thought leadership and creating regular online content that humans and search engines both love.

Regular posting matters

Whatever your reason for blogging, one of the secrets is regular posting. In her excellent book, Blogging for Creatives, Robin Houghton recommends  that 'A good rule of thumb is at least once a week'. She goes on to say that the most popular blogs...are updated more frequently than that.' I can second that, and would add that it's better to post less frequently, but regularly, than to start at a furious pace, which you ultimately cant sustain. Blogging is about the long-run.

Modern blog posts need to be 1000–3000 words long

Unfortunately for many business owners and managers, finding time to create quality posts often proves hard. You know what you want to blog about, but there never seems to be time to convert your rough ideas into posts that your audience will love. Things were bad enough when the norm for a B2B blog post was 250–500 words. Nowadays, however, with recommended word counts for blog posts being anything between 1500 and 3000 words, the challenge is much greater. It's not just about writing more, it's about researching and writing original quality material. And that takes time. Whereas a few years ago I'd spend between one and two hours researching and writing a 500-word post, it's not unusual for me to invest between 15 and 20 hours into a 2000-word post for a client these days.

Do you have the time for vital blog post writing?

Do you or your team really have this kind of availability for a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly post? (And that's before the dreaded writer’s block strikes…) If not, you really should contact me for a chat about regular blog writing. Clients such as Gemini Translations, Firestarter Business Solutions and Geckota Ltd have. What's more, as you probably know already, even if you can do your own blogging, hiring freelance support often makes sense and represents a good investment. I do what I do best while you get on with what you do best for your organisation…

A freelance blog content writer can help you

Just as you’d commission a professional copywriter for your website copy or e-blasts, so a professional writer can help you create much-needed blog content.

Whether you want a weekly post addressing topical industry issues or a suite of ready-to-go posts to publish as required, my blog content writing services help get bpost writing off your to-do list. Here are some of the posts that I've written forBristol-based translation and localisation specialists Gemini Translation Services.

Medical translations: where translation walks a high wire
From vellum to modern translation services in under 1000 words
Translation for publishing – it's so much more than just books...

Copywriter for gemini translation services blog

And here's an example of a post that I researched and wrote for Gloucestershire-based watch and watch accessory business Geckota Ltd:

Article writer for the watch industry

What do you want me to write for you?

Ideally, you’ll tell me the topic, give me some blog content ideas from your content plan (you do have a content plan don't you?) and set me writing. Before you know it you’ll have sparkling draft content to approve and add to your blog. It couldn’t be easier.

Alternatively, I can research and write your posts from scratch. The choice is yours – here's one I wrote for Gloucester-based Advanced Insulation Services (AIS) plc (through MA Design).

blog post for gloucester-based AIS plc

A properly written post – every time

Whatever I write for you, you can be sure it will be a properly structured piece, crafted using recognised online writing principles and delivered in your preferred tone of voice.

Here are a few tips for writing good blog post content:

  • Offer value to your readers
  • Have a single voice or author to build familiarity with readers
  • Post questions and ask for feedback
  • Have an engaging title
  • Include images, infographics and other visual material
  • Write for humans (but signal the search engines)
  • Keep content fresh and original
  • Optimise, but avoid over-use of keywords
  • Create links to drive traffic to other locations
  • Develop a unique voice (and write as you speak)
  • Length matters if you want to go for ranking (1000–3000 words)

Let’s talk

I’d like to show you what I can do for you and your organisation in the blogosphere. It's easy to arrange your no-obligation initial consultation.

Just call 01242 520 573 or email me


Al Hidden, Gloucestershire blog content writer


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