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As a freelance blog writing copywriter I can free your time for other business tasks while I write the blog posts that you don't have the time, the specialist skill or the inclination to write yourself. I get blog posts off to-do lists and out in the blogosphere where they can work for you. We should talk about your blogging, because I can take the hassle out of this important business writing task for you...

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More about blog writing

Whether you're in Gloucestershire or Galashiels, if you’ve got something interesting to say, you need to get it out on the Internet. A blog can play a key role in your business comms planning.

If I could show you how my skills would help your blogging, you'd want my input wouldn't you? Business blog writing is a great way to engage with customers, prospects and other audiences. Whether you’re announcing a new business case study or developing your position as an industry thought leader, a blog is a cost-effective tool for getting your ideas out there, helping with link building and making contacts. You really should let me help with your blog writing...

When everyone from Seth Godin to your closest competitor is writing a blog, isn’t it time you started – or fuelled your existing blog with stimulating posts?

Screenshot of guest blog post for Uradale Organics in Shetland.

Who’ll do the blog writing when you haven’t got time?

One question. Do you have the time and discipline to blog regularly. Once a week is the minimum you should be aiming for; ideally more. If time is tight and writing doesn’t come naturally to you, writing blog posts can be a huge chore. That’s where I can help you. If you’re not up to writing your own blog, I’ll develop your content ideas on all sorts of subjects into blog posts that can work hard for you online.

And as I'm sure you understand, even if you could do your own blog writing, hiring a specialist to help you often makes sense – and frees your time for the things you do best for your organisation.

Clearly, I can help make your blog the success it deserves to be. Here's a taste of what I do as a freelance writer of blog content:

I wonder when you'll contact me for a chat. There's no obligation.

Blog writing shouldn't be a chore

There’s definitely a knack to blog writing – and offering a blog writing service. As I said earlier, it can easily become a chore rather than a pleasure. You know that writing a business blog matters, but you don’t have the time, the specialist writing skills or the inclination to do it yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself. Writing a good blog isn’t everyone’s thing. What’s more, although blogs look simple, effective ones draw on all the specialist skills of a skilled copywriter.

Get that blog live and updated now

I read in a back-issue of PC Pro that most British business blogs hadn’t been updated for months. That’s scary when a blog is such a versatile publishing medium. And when there’s so much potential to integrate it with your website, your search engine optimisation and your social networking activity. If your blog writing has ground to a halt, we can soon change all that…

Blog writing – I can be you

No one knows your organisation better than you. But after a short briefing, there’s no reason why a versatile writer like me can’t ‘be you’. As a copywriter, I regularly adopt the tone of voice of different organisations and write about diverse subjects: helicopter aviation one day, screw piling the next; business consultancy today; building services tomorrow. It’s what I do.

I’ll blog while you get on with other business tasks

Because I write regularly I’m fast and creative and have no fear of tackling new topics (just look at my client base and portfolio section to see the range of organisations I’ve helped). As my clients already know, you’ll be amazed how quickly I can start blog writing for you – while you get on with what you do best for your organisation.

I'm blog writer for Copywriters Gloucestershire: Writing Now blog.

An experienced blogger

As an SEO blog writer, I post regularly on my own blog Copywriters Gloucestershire: Writing Now and have ghost-blogged for organisations in areas as diverse as landscaping and technology. I've even guest-blogged for a Shetland organic products supplier!

Let’s talk about your business blog writing

Will you leave blogging as a missed opportunity, or launch into the world of posting with all its benefits for customer communication, client feedback, thought leadership and SEO? As well as offering handy tips on writing a blog, I can help with the writing too. That’s why we should talk.

I'd love to help you create a successful weblog. If you need blog writing for your new or existing blog, please contact me.

Important note

There's a bit of a debate about the ethics of ghostblogging. Here's my position: I'm not too happy about the ethics of blogging for a 'corporate aligned' personal blog. On the other hand, I'm more than happy to write for a business blog. As others have pointed out, this is no different to writing a newsletter or a bylined PR article for a business – or any collateral where the final draft must be approved by the client.

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