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Here's a thought: perhaps you don't really want a brochure copywriter – or even a brochure. What you really want is a powerful tool to communicate your company, brand or product story in the timeless way that online copy simply can't do.

How about a skilfully crafted tangible reading experience that prospective customers can pore over at leisure while fully absorbing your message in ways that skim-reading a web page can't match? Or an engaging, beautifully produced, design-print-photography-copywriting combo for customers to savour, caress and keep. From B2B corporate publications to B2C luxury watch brochures, brochures are renowned for lingering on desks and coffee tables alike. And all the time,  they beg to be picked up, admired and read while informing and persuading prospective buyers. 

Am I right? Is that what you really want? If the answer's yes, you'll need some inspired brochure copywriting. Maybe you've got the time, skills and inclination to write your own brochure copy. If not, an experienced brochure writer could help.

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brochure copywriter: hawksland associates aerospace brochure cover

More on choosing your brochure copywriter

So you want to get brochure copywriting off your to-do list, build credibility with customers and prospects, promote your brand and sell. As an experienced UK brochure writer I can help. Please take a moment to scroll down the page to see a selection of brochure writing examples from my portfolio.

Don't miss the benefits of well-written brochures

You've probably realised there's more to brochure writing than just cutting and pasting website copy into your designer's InDesign layout. Do that and you could miss the benefits of a professionally crafted, well-written brochure. That's because, even if the content and messages are the same, brochure copy is written differently to website copy.

Brochures tend to be read in more detail than websites, so you've time to lead readers systematically through your unique story. Simply repurposing your brief website copy for a brochure may mean missing out on a valuable opportunity to engage readers in much greater detail. And, please, don't believe anyone who says brochures aren't important in our online world. Of course, many brochures are created in PDF format and for very good reasons. But hard-copy printed brochures still have an important part to play for everything from security products and cars to luxury watches and construction ...

Corporate brochure writer

I get brochure writing off to-do lists – including yours...

As an experienced UK brochure writer, I tell your story through the sales or corporate brochure copy you haven't the time, inclination or specialised skills to write. In short, working with you and your graphic designer, I help get your brochure written and off your to-do list. Meanwhile, you can get on with what you do best.

Maybe you've never commissioned a brochure for your business? Is your current brochure is at the end of its useful life? While many brochures are kept for years and years, a marketing brochure's shelf life is typically shorter. Whatever your reason for a new brochure, you're creating an important device for your promotional toolkit. Despite the rise of the internet, printed brochures remain a powerful way to communicate company, brand or product stories and help customers choose you instead of your competitors. 

Watch brochure writer

Brochures sit around and get passed around

Brochures typically sit around, get read more thoroughly and are passed among different decision-makers. As copywriter Jason Deign wrote in Making Money from Copywriting:

Often, much of the take-out from a brochure is subliminal, with high-quality printing, expensive photography and so on all working together to create an image of professionalism that the customer will, ideally, buy into.

Writing for SMEs and major brands

As a Gloucestershire brochure writer, I regularly work for sole traders, SMEs and design agencies. Often, they don’t have the time or specialist writing skills to do their own brochure writing. Marketing design agencies, and PR agencies, also outsource brochure copy to supplement their in-house writing capacity.

Brochure copywriter for Gloucestershire estate agency

Typical brochure-writing services

Either way, because I do brochure copywriting on demand, I can help you create the collateral you want – the product or corporate brochure your business (or your client's) deserves.

Let's discuss your brochure copywriting and the enduring power of well-written brochures – even in the digital age…

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Engineering services brochure copywriter (cover shot of Metalock brochure)

What to expect from your brochure copywriter

If I could show you the benefits of hiring a skilled brochure copywriter, I'm sure you'd want my help. Here are some of the characteristics of professionally written brochures:

  • Engaging, persuasive messages.
  • Effective company, brand and product storytelling.
  • Research and communication of your features, benefits and differentiators.
  • On-brand copy with the right tone of voice: 'Kevin McCloud' or just good old 'friendly-professional conversational', I can help.
  • Professionally-written brochures enhance your business image.
  • They complement your other marketing materials.
  • A well-written B2B or B2C brochure captures the essence of your business and what it means for customers.

Aerospace industry brochure copywriter

What is the format of a brochure?

Good question. The answer depends on exactly what you want to achieve and the type of brochure you have in mind. A corporate brochure will probably have a different format to a B2B product brochure or a luxury watch brochure aimed at consumers.

However, whatever the brochure, expect nothing less than a properly designed structure that tells an engaging – dare I say, page-turning – story from cover and introduction to the heart of the brochure and clear contact details.

By the way, I always recommend getting professional brochure design input. Writing copy for a brochure in conjunction with a pro-designer is infinitely better than writing the copy before designing the brochure. Trust me. After all, would you build your new house around your soft furnishings?

brochure copywriter for maximise uk ltd

Each copy element plays a clearly-planned role

As usual, the copywriter's trusted ally, AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) comes into play as your reader is led smoothly through the brochure. The result should be a document where each section of copy plays an identified role – and where all the copy components work together, as well as with photography and other graphic elements.

Remember too, that writing for various print and finishing formats poses different challenges for designer and copywriter alike. Whether it's a classic eight or 12-page A4 brochure, a DL roll fold brochure, or an A5 with double gatefold, matching design and copywriting to your preferred format is essential if your brochure is going to work as hard as possible for you.

Brochure writer

More than just your brochure copywriter

When I write for you, you get much more than 'just another brochure writer'. Because I've worked in technical sales, marketing management, PR, technical writing and as a copywriter since the 1980s, I bring lots to the design and writing of your new brochure.

Clients facing brochure writing challenges similar to yours value how they can tap into my non-writing experience. It's experience I've gained from freelancing, in-house and agency public relations, and working client-side in sales and marketing. There's no extra charge – it comes with the wordsmithing!

And if your brochure needs team profile writing or research and writing of new client case studies? That's no problem because they are already part of my copywriting offer.

Brochure writer for security technology 

Decades of brochure-writing experience

When we work together, you access my long experience in commercial environments – and industry, which is handy if you need an engineering or technology brochure.

You also get a friendly, creative, commercially-focused writing partner who’s good to work with. I'm told that my fees are very reasonable too. These are just some of the things that appealed to Gloucestershire chauffeur MG Executive Travel when they needed copywriting for this six-panel roll-fold brochure.

Trifold brochure for a chauffeur business

Have you really got time to write your own brochure copy?

One question: do you really have the time and specialist skills to research and write your own brochure copy? More importantly, should you be doing your own brochure writing? Would you design your own website or do your own accounting? Just a thought.

Even if you can write copy – and many marketing managers can – hiring a freelance brochure writer often makes sense. That's because it frees your time for the other things you must do for your organisation. No wonder clients such as Mosaique design (and their client Bentley Motors) entrust me as brochure copy writer for their PDF Retailer Brochure.

PDF brochure writer for Bentley Motors

No need to struggle as you try to write your own brochure

I speak from experience when I remind you how hard it can be to allocate a few hours each week for creative copywriting if you're in a busy marketing role. Even if you hide away off-site, the demands on your time – email, phone calls, video-conferencing and everything else – keep piling up. We both know how distracting they are as you anguish over your new brochure and battle writer's block.

No wonder busy clients such as Anstee Coil Technology prefer to entrust their brochure and website copywriting to a professional rather than doing it themselves...

Engineering brochure writer

Tips for writing your own brochure copy

As an experienced professional brochure writer, certain things come instinctively. In case you're determined to try writing your own copy, here are some tips:

  1. Think about the response you want; it leads your writing.
  2. Plan the 'story arc' for your brochure (beginning, middle and end, from front cover to back cover with smooth transitions).
  3. Start selling on the cover.
  4. Resist the temptation to write in impersonal, third-person, corporate style; instead, write as you speak.
  5. Avoid over-writing your brochure.
  6. Vary sentence and paragraph length to keep copy interesting.
  7. Go easy on narrative paragraphs.
  8. Multiple columns shorten line lengths and make reading easier.
  9. Use strong headings, subheads, bullets and pull quotes.
  10. Include (genuine) testimonials.
  11. And a strong call to action.
  12. Allow plenty of white space so words and graphics can 'breathe'.
  13. Where possible, choose original photography over stock images.
  14. Include sufficient detail and be specific wherever possible.
  15. Support your claims.
  16. Check thoroughly: facts; consistency; product names and so on.
  17. Check everything again...

brochure writer for engineering industry

Maybe DIY brochure writing isn't as easy as you thought...

Are you thinking it's not as easy as you thought? Now remember what I said earlier about ring-fencing your precious time for creative thinking, research and writing.

If you can't find the time you need, ask yourself about the cost of letting that vital brochure writing fester on your to-do list because you can't find time to do it? Hiring me gets your copy written and frees you to concentrate on other tasks.

I've already done this for clients as diverse as Hawksland Associates and Cheshire-based Ted Todd Hardwood Floors (below) who hired my brochure writing services.


Brochure copywriter for ted Todd Hardwood Floors

Save money with brochure copyediting

Designing and writing copy from scratch is the ideal way to craft the written brochure content that meets your needs – especially if we do it in conjunction with your graphic designer. Alternatively, how about drafting your own content, then letting me polish it for you? It's another approach to brochure content writing.

While I rework your ideas into a more polished brochure than you’d otherwise achieve, you can work on other projects to build your business – and boost your reputation. If your budget is tight, but you still want professional brochure writing help, brochure copyediting is definitely a cost-effective way to make it stretch further. Please ask for more details.

Brochure writer and copyeditor for the property sales and letting

Why hire a freelance brochure copywriter?

Along with natural storytelling flair and the ability to flow logically from front to back cover, here are some of the reasons clients such as Scott Aerospace, Anstee Coil, Blueprint Project Solutions, MaxGap and Mosaique Design entrust me with their brochure content writing:

  • Value – cost-effective fixed-fee copywriting.
  • Creativity – add sparkle to words.
  • Objectivity – pro-writers see your business afresh.
  • Good writing – avoids embarrassingly poor content.
  • Save time – free valuable time for other tasks.

Brochure writer for tourism

I'm a versatile writer. Although my preferred writing interests tend towards the more technical, as a copywriter for brochures, my experience covers sectors as diverse as the following:

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Consultancy services
  • Retail consultancy
  • Engineering
  • Hotels
  • Property sales and letting
  • Security products
  • Gas filtration
  • Translation
  • Commercial flooring
  • Travel and holidays
  • Conference management

brochure copywriter: brochure covers image.


Your next step towards great brochure copy


Clearly, it's not just my writing credentials that set me apart. Remember my solid experience in sales, marketing, PR and technical writing. And my in-house and freelance copywriting experience. It all helps when the clock's ticking and you urgently need powerful brochure content.

What's more, hiring a skilled freelance brochure writer is a good way to get attentive service, great value and convenient face-to-face meetings without high costs. Let's talk about your brochure writing. I'd like to show you how I've helped other clients with their copywriting – and what a professional could do for your brochure.

But first, I need to discover more about you, your organisation and the challenges you face.

Please call 01242 520 573 or email me


Cheltenham brochure copywriter Al Hidden



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