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I'm a skilled, experienced business writer based in Gloucestershire. I work across web/SEO copy, marketing copy, technical copy and PR writing – crafting the business words that you or your client don't have the time, specialist skills or inclination to write yourselves. I get words off to-do lists and out in the market where they can work for you. We should talk, because I can help get your business writing working harder for you...

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More about hiring business writers

Having a reliable, creative business writer has probably never been more important. The economy gets tougher, the demands on your time keep increasing and your competitors are hot on your heels... The only certainty, it seems, is change – and the way well-crafted words by an experienced business copywriter can promote and differentiate your organisation. That's where my services can help you...

Do you really have time for DIY business writing?

If I could show you how your business writing could be improved, you'd want my help wouldn't you? Do you really have the skills or experience to do your own business copywriting? Does it really make sense to burn time at your hourly rate when a specialist business writer like me will free you for things that only you can do for your organisation?

Maybe it's time for a skilled corporate writer... Even if you can do your own copywriting, hiring a freelance business copywriter often makes sense.

Business writer for Accessible Travel

A skilled business writer can transform the way you and your organisation communicate. An important starting point is the elimination of the deadly sins that give away bad business writing:

  • Redundant expressions
  • Long-winded words and phrases
  • Use of the passive voice
  • Writing differently to how we speak
  • Incorrect punctuation
  • Using old-fashioned language

Business writing has changed

I'm often amazed when clients insist on sticking with old-fashioned writing ideas: two spaces after the end of a sentence; no 'and' or 'but' at the beginning of a sentence; no contractions. You know the sort of thing.

Business writing has changed. Just as we 'do' business in a more informal, relaxed way, so business language has evolved into something much closer to the way we actually speak. That doesn't mean being sloppy or unprofessional (far from it), but it does mean using appropriate, engaging business writing. It's really not difficult: your business writing should generally be as follows:

  • Simple
  • Courteous
  • Relaxed
  • Straightforward
  • Conversational

When you get it right, your business writing helps you to establish enduring relationships, communicate ideas clearly and precisely, give a good impression...and sell! And I can help you.

Business writer: presentation pack writer for Azure Chauffeur Driven Luxury Cars

Your business writer – a valuable ally

Obviously, whether you need new or updated Web content, help with a draft business plan or updated marketing collateral, a locally-based business copywriter could be one of your most valuable allies. I'll do more than just get the punctuation and spelling right. As your business writer I'll help you find the right tone of voice and language to engage your audience – or apply your existing brand tone-of-voice guidelines.

Sensible fees too

It needn't cost you a fortune either. You can also forget high overheads and the need to keep in-house business writers occupied all the time. A carefully chosen writer will quickly understand your business and communications objectives and deliver the copywriting you need to keep ahead of the pack. What's more, when you hire me as your writer you only pay for my skills when you need them. I'm saving you money already...

Business writer for Energist

Save money with my business editing services

Here’s another money-saving idea. If your budget won’t run to full-blown business copywriting, how about hiring me to edit your draft business copy? It’s a great way to put the polish on your self-penned documents while you get on with other business tasks. I can do the following – and more:

  • Turn rough notes to sparkling copy.
  • Polish PowerPoint presentations.
  • Refine client case studies.
  • Turn dry 'tech copy' into engaging writing.
  • Revitalise tired web pages.
  • Get rid of the 'hidden assassins' that can spoil business writing.
  • Get a skilled independent perspective on your draft copy.

Business writer: company newsletter

Get business writing off your to-do list

Is vital business writing languishing on your to-do list? Let's have a chat about how an experienced business-to-business copywriter can get those marketing or PR communications working for you.

I'd really like to show you what I can do for your organisation. To discuss your business writing, please call 01242 520 573 or email me


Al Hidden, business writer for gloucestershire


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