Conference Brochure Copywriter

Maybe you're updating an existing venue offer and need a new conference brochure? Or perhaps you're setting up a brand new hotel conference centre? (Of course, hotels with conference facilities should have a dedicated brochure.)

Either way, you understand that the events and conferences space  is a highly competitive area. And that your marketing and promotion has to be spot-on. An impressive brochure's essential, but that requires top-quality copywriting and right now you're up to your ears in other aspects of the business...

If you don't have the time, specialist writing skills or inclination to do your own brochure copywriting, I can help. Just as you eat, sleep and breathe conferences, I do the same for writing that engages and inspires your prospective conference centre users.

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Conference centre brochure copywriter

More about copywriting for conference brochures

Imagine if I could take away the worry, hassle and time consuming writing of your new conference centre brochure. You'd be interested, wouldn't you? Imagine being able to brief me and then forget about writing. While you get on with shaping your business and your next events, I think, research and write the engaging, on-brand copy that you want,

Having already written about hotels and dedicated UK conference venues, I've proven that I've got what it takes to emphasise the unique personality of your brand, write clearly for visitors from around the world and appeal to a wide range of prospective clients.

The benefits

When we work together on your copywriting, you’ll enjoy benefits including the following:

  • Cost-effective copy when needed – no overhead when you don't.
  • A fresh new perspective on your writing.
  • Get vital copywriting done and working hard for you.
  • Complement your conference brochure design perfectly.
  • Save time – I can probably write faster than you.

I’ve already written brochure copy for organisations facing similar challenges to yours. Now it's your turn. Whether you operate Bristol or London meeting rooms, or an East Midlands conference centre, inspiring words matter and a skilled freelance copywriter brings many benefits.

But I can write my own copy...

Of course you can. If you're an experienced marketing or events manager, you may already be comfortable writing marketing copy. But is this really the best use of your time with a thousand and one things to do on, in and for the business. Can you relate to the challenge of trying to ring-fence a morning to be creative and write – I've been there and done that and it's a real challenge. Sure, you might lock yourself away or work from home, but there's still that nagging feeling that phone calls and emails are piling up – and that you'll only have a longer to-do list to plough through when you get back to the office.

That's where a skilled freelancer can help. I write five, six and sometimes seven days a week. It's what I love and what I do best. Once you've briefed me, I can focus on writing without the distractions that hound you.You really should contact me for a chat about your conference brochure (and your conference venue website copy, and case studies and press releases...)

Copywriting for onference centre brochures and other collateral

It takes more than just an ability with words

Writing your conference or conference centre brochure takes more than just ability with words or dropping your ideas into an off-the-shelf conference brochure template. It demands a knack for telling your unique story in the most engaging way possible, for using words to communicate the personality of your venue and brand; and of course to demonstrate what really differentiates you from the competition in a tough marketplace.

Are you ready to get those conference brochures off your to-do list and out there working hard for you? Let's have a chat about your brochure copywriting.

Dull copy or professionally-written brochure content?

So, will you go with the usual dull copy or let me transform your conference brochure content and really engage your readers? Whether yours is a local business conference leaflet or an international conference brochure, I can probably help.

Arrange your no-obligation initial copy consultation now. Please call me on 01242 520 573 or email me

Al Hidden, Conference Brochure Copywriter



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