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As an experienced Cheltenham, Gloucestershire-based content writer, I support you with the online or offline content writing you don't have the time, specialist writing skills or desire to do it yourself. If you're an agency, my services can add value to your offer. We should talk, because engaging content has never been more important...

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More about written content creation

The clock’s ticking towards another deadline. You urgently need content copywriting, but your team is already working at full capacity, your staff writer just left for a competitor and there’s still loads of written content to create… If I could show you how I can help you get your content written, you'd want my help wouldn't you?

Does your need for freelance content writing stem from a carefully designed content plan, or a spontaneously grasped comms opportunity? Either way, an experienced content writer can make a difference for your organisation, product or brand. You really should contact me to discuss how I can help you make more of your written content.


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Online or offline, professional content writers can help you tailor content for different stages of your sales funnel – for shorter sales cycles, better customer relationships and more word-of-mouth recommendation. On the other hand, poorly conceived and executed copywriting can undermine your marketing. It’s your choice…


No time for DIY content writing? I can help

Relax! If you don’t have the time, skills or inclination to do the writing, I can help. Since 2006, large and small organisations have entrusted my online and offline content writing service. If you’re in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, surrounding counties or elsewhere in the UK, I can help you too:

As you know, even if you could create your own written content, hiring a freelance content writer often makes sense – for a start, it frees you up to work on the things that you can do best for your organisation.

SEO content creation

Obviously, if you do business online, content creation and management has always been important. With recent Google algorithm updates, plenty of organisations are discovering that their existing content isn’t enough to engage human visitors and search engines. As search, social media and content marketing expert Lee Odden writes in Optimise ‘Great content isn’t great until it’s discovered, consumed and shared.’ Engaging search-copy can help this process.

Examples of content written by Al Hidden


Sound keyword research supports your written content creation


Always remember the importance of having the right, accurately researched and relevant, page keyword set for your written content. My copy can be really engaging for your site visitors, but if there’s a mismatch between the terms they use to find you and the keywords you think they use, you could harm your business. Even a difference as seemingly insignificant as that between ‘one man tents’ and ‘one person tents’ could cost you a fortune in lost sales.

If you're in doubt, I’d always advise you to commission reputable keyword research (please ask about my SEO contacts). What’s the investment of a few hundred pounds compared to the potential cost of not getting this right from the start? I wonder when you'll contact me for a chat about your content writing?


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Then my writing comes into its own


With your page keyword sets designed, my SEO writing services really come into their own. Forget keyword-stuffed waffle – when I write for your website, you can be sure every page will be relevant and well-written. Since going freelance I’ve lost count of the number of pages of SEO content I’ve written for clients. When you need help with copywriting to support your web content strategy, I can do the same for you.

Let’s talk about your content writing

To quote Lee Odden again: ‘Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom…’ In print or online, a skilled content writer helps you build sales, develop profitable business relationships and nurture the trust of your readers. Whatever the stage and scope of your content marketing strategy, if you’re developing content from scratch or need to polish your draft writing, we should have a chat.

I'd like to show you what I could do for you. To discuss your content writing requirement, please contact me.


Al Hidden, Cheltenham content writer





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