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I'm a skilled copy-editor based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. I polish the words that you or your client don't have the time, the specialist skills or the inclination to edit yourselves. We should talk, because I can refine your rough documents until they sparkle...

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More about copyediting

If I could show you how your written documents could be improved, you'd want me to edit them for you wouldn't you? Whatever stage your writing project is at, professional copy-editing by a skilled copyeditor (or 'copy doctor') can make a huge difference to how written communications from your Gloucestershire business are perceived.

What's more, by rewriting your draft content, this can often be achieved for less than commissioning new copywriting. Whether I'm copyediting a small ad or working as business proposal editor on a 200-page document, it all helps you save money, especially when budgets are tight.

You really should get me to look at your draft documents and give you a quote.


Copyeditor or copywriter? What's the difference?

Writing and editing are different, but complementary. Essentially, copywriting is about your ideas and my words, whereas copy-editing is more about your words, but made better by my input as your copy editor. And because you'll often benefit from substantial rewriting anyway, it's a great way to make your writing budget stretch further – and ensure the correct voice and tone for your content.

Refining your draft into polished content

Copy-editing typically includes the following work:

  • Correcting errors (including grammar problems)
  • Suggesting revisions to improve readability
  • Improving written style – it's what copyeditors do
  • Fact-checking
  • Rewriting text if necessary


Different levels of copyediting range from a simple 'light edit' through to a substantial restructuring and rewriting of your document:

Whether you're starting with a few notes or an existing document that could be working harder, professional copyeditors refine your written content into polished copy that does full justice to your business. I also edit business plans.

Good copyeditors can save you money

You can often make your budget go further with copy-editing PLUS, one of my writing and editing services. The more rough draft work you can prepare for me, the more you can save compared with commissioning copy from scratch.

More than just your copy-editor

Clearly, because I'm an experienced copywriter with years of marketing, technical writing, copywriting and editing experience, you'll get greater value than you'd ever get from a virtual PA, proofreader or many other people offering copy-editing services in the Gloucestershire area. I'm conveniently located in Cheltenham. From there I support the needs of organisations in Gloucestershire and elsewhere for copywriting and document editing.

My copy-editing work includes the following:



  • Copy-editing for Barry Jackson's book Heretical Leadership


    the business heretic book cover
  • Copy-editing for IES Ltd.


  • Firmview Associates Ltd (Secure Virtual Office) PowerPoint presentation, interview script and trade press article copy-editing.


  • Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Small Business Advice Day website copy-editing.


  • Lionbridge (UK) Ltd – copy-editing CDIM, VSIL, CMM and CDIM Component Data Guide documents for Airbus UK.


  • Milsom Industrial Designs Ltd – website content.


  • Mosaique Design – copy-editing for Intel Healthcare datasheets.


  • Mosaique Design – SEM User Guide for Vero.


  • V Jay Publishers – copy-editing for a poetry trilogy.




Copy-editing for spelling, grammar, style and formatting

Did you ever notice how the content in one publication varies subtly from that of another? For maximum impact and credibility, your text needs consistent spelling, formatting and writing style. You may also want me to change your text for a particular purpose (such as your website): rewriting it for different readers, condensing long text or replacing jargon or technical language with plain English. Whatever business you run, I can provide a copy-editing service that will help your readers get the right impression – and won't break the bank.

Are copy-editing and copywriting really your best skills?

Just as you trust your other professional advisers, it's worth entrusting written content to a professional copy-editor. Mistakes can be expensive and embarrassing, and there's your time to consider too. Is wordsmithing really the best use of your valuable time? Copywriting and copy-editing are specialised tasks. When you use my professional copy doctor service your time is freed up to add value to your business in the ways you do best. And even if you can do your own editing, hiring a freelance copyeditor often makes sense.

Copy-editing your technical content

Editors and proofreaders support technology businesses every day. Should you really burden your busy engineers and other technical people with marketing writing when a skilled technical copy-editor can make life easier, covering technical aspects of the writing thoroughly while maintaining readability, audience attention and working with your marketing initiatives?

Seeking copywriters, editors and proofreaders?

Contact me now if you are looking for copywriters, editors and proofreaders. This Gloucestershire-based professional copyeditor can help stretch your writing budget further.

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