Copywriter for MG Executive Travel

This project started with a chance encounter at a Tewkesbury business networking event, at which time I mentioned to Mike Gibson that I had already done copywriting for an executive chauffeuring business. A couple of months later, we met again and I was able to give Mike some advice on blogging, as well as on his plans for a revised business website. That was when he kindly asked me to quote for copywriting a new brochure to showcase his services.

Realising the brochure vision

After taking Mike's brief, I got Sam Hemmings (Design Fibre) involved with the design and we worked as the classic copywriter and art director team to realise Mike's vision for his brochure.

Brochure for MG Executive Travel


Mini-scenarios get prospects' imaginations working

The result was a DL tri-fold leaflet with six panels and an approach to demonstrating MG's services that departed from the norm for chauffeur businesses. Instead of just describing services such as airport transfers, event chauffeuring and business travel, I used a mini-scenario to get the reader to imagine themselves enjoying Mike's services. For example:


AIRPORT TRANSFERSYou arrive at Departures and see other travellers, stressed by motorway traffic, changing trains or being crammed into buses. While they struggled, you relaxed in luxury, made calls in privacy and contemplated your trip …


Within a few days of sign-off, the printed leaflets were with Mike and ready to hand out to PAs and other prospects, as well as as magazine inserts in the Cotswolds, where Mike is based.

Here's what Mike kindly said a few months later on Twitter:

I can write for your chauffeur business too

Do you operate an executive chauffeur service that could use some inspired copy in a brochure, blog or website? If you haven't the time, specialist skills or inclination to write your own chauffeur service brochure I can help. I'll write while you drive...

What worked for MG Executive Travel can work for you too. For more information and a chat about how professional copywriting can define and differentiate your business, please call me on 01242 520 573 or email me



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