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Hardwood floors

When this manufacturer of luxury hardwood flooring needed copywriting support in 2013, business founder and owner Robert Walsh was kind enough to contact me. My first assignment was product description and introductory text writing for a new trade catalogue and price list. It wasn't long before I was engaged in writing press releases as well as copy for other trade and consumer brochures.
Do you run or promote a flooring business? Do you struggle to find the time to write the copy that's needed to define and differentiate your business? Maybe you don't have the specialist writing skills in house? Or maybe you just don't like writing... If this is the case, we should talk.

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More on writing for Ted Todd Hardwood Flooring

Having a background in the building materials and home improvement sectors is a great help when I write for Ted Todd. So's the ability to quickly get into the 'groove' of their brand language while describing a complex range of flooring products. And previous writing that I'd done for Karndean International helped too.

From newsletter content to complete rewriting of product descriptions for WoodWorks by Ted Todd, whatever I've written, my copywriting services have helped get vital business copywriting off to-do lists and out into a competitive marketplace to define and differentiate the business.

Product description writing for Woodworks by Ted Todd

This major assignment arrived mid-2017, as Ted Todd required rewritten product descriptions for dozens of specialist wooden floors crafted by their artisans from materials as diverse as reclaimed centuries-old French oak flooring, old French railway timbers (below) and the restored wood from former bourbon barrels...

flooring industry copywriter hydria product description intro

Product description copy for hydria hardwood flooring


Delivering engaging copy when needed

Robert Walsh and his marketing colleagues quickly discovered that I was a safe pair of hands who could be trusted with a brief and quickly delivered the engaging copy that they needed. Writing product descriptions and long brochure copy demands an ability to be creative, while adhering to a supplied brief; and to engage readers while avoiding cliches.

Delivering high-quality copy to agreed deadlines always helps. My client knows that when I say I will deliver I do so – they can get on with a multitude of other pressing business tasks while I concentrate on what I do best. Everyone's a winner, and so's the trade buyer or end-consumer whose flooring decisions are helped by the words that I craft.

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I can help promote your flooring business too

If you run a wooden flooring business (or any kind of flooring business for that matter) I can do the same for you too. What has already worked for Karndean and Ted Todd could work for your business too:

  • Flooring brochures.
  • Website or SEO copywriting for your company.
  • Customer or client case studies.
  • Press releases.
  • Blog posts about wooden flooring.
  • Engaging product descriptions.


product description copy for ted todd hardwood flooring

Are you struggling to get copy written?

This is just some of the copywriting that I can help you with. If you are struggling to get vital brochure copy written, if your website designer is screaming for content, or if you need a press release for a flooring exhibition, I can help.

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