Copywriter for the watch market

Copywriter for the watch market

Are you responsible for marketing in the watch industry? Or for commissioning copywriting for the watch industry? Maybe you need more (or better) website, brochure, blog post or case study copywriting? Or you've realised that you or your team members simply don't have the time, inclination or specialist skills to get vital copywriting off your to-do list? If so, as an experienced copywriter for watch companies and the watch industry, I can help.

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'We had been looking for a copywriter for a while when were introduced to Al by a mutual friend. Since 2015, Al has taken our website's content to a new level. Any online retailer knows that accurate, concise and search engine optimised content are essential and Al's commitment to this has been second to none. In short, I would happily recommend him to anyone in need of carefully crafted words for their business.'

Jonathan Quinn, Founder & Managing Director, Geckota Ltd

Jon Quinn Founder & Managing Director of Watch Company Geckota





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Pilot watch article - A380 pilot comments

More unsolicited praise for my article writing about pilot watches

More on copywriting services for the watch industry

Until recently, I hadn't worn a watch for over a decade. Like so many of us, I simply used my phone or computer to tell the time. Nor had I done copywriting for the luxury watch market or, truth be told, for any part of the watch industry. But that changed in 2016 and with it my life as a copywriter. That was when UK-based luxury watch and watch strap company Geckota Ltd asked me to write for their WatchGecko and Geckota brands. Suddenly, I was a watch industry writer...


copywriter for watchgecko luxury watch company

A fresh approach to the luxury watch market

Since then I've been immersed in the lower end of the fascinating luxury watch market and engaged by the world of watch brands. Encouraged by the Geckota K1 Flieger watch given to me as I began my first project for Geckota, I've started wearing watches again and built a modest watch collection.

I read widely and voraciously on watches, watch history and the watch industry, and attend Baselworld with press accreditation for Geckota. I'm hooked, fascinated by why people still buy luxury watches, and as a relative newcomer with fresh eyes and an unjaded view of this addictive world, ideally positioned to write about it.

I get vital watch industry copywriting off to-do lists...

Is yours an affordable luxury watch business like Geckota? Or maybe an established luxury Swiss manufacture that could use a fresh approach? Or perhaps your firm plays a different role in the world of wristwatches, but could use some copywriting support? Whether you operate in the online watch market or not, if you haven't got the time, inclination or specialist writing skills to craft vital copy for your watch, jewellery or other luxury product business, I can help.


watch industry copywriter for uchi horology series

Copywriting for the luxury watch market – Geckota Ltd

Geckota Ltd started as a watch strap supplier in 2010 and has evolved into a designer and online marketer of well-engineered automatic and meca-quartz watches inspired by classic luxury watch brands – with the addition of contemporary twists.

Based on Pierre Maillard's editorial in europa star chapter 2 2017, where the mid-range luxury watch category is defined as ranging between CHF500 and CHF5000, that qualifies the latest Geckota watches, such as their Kickstarter funded divers' watch in 2017, as luxury watches. And it validates my claim to do copywriting for the luxury watch market... Besides, when a brand like Geckota draws so heavily on the rich heritage of luxury watches, I need to immerse myself in that same history.


copywriting for the luxury watch market – geckota divers' watch

So what have I been writing for this growing business with its impressive range of watch straps and a loyal following for watches paying respectful homage to classics from watch manufacturers such as Laco, IWC, Rolex, Omega and ZRC?

Product description writing for the watch industry

When a luxury product range has a strong feature and benefit proposition and is so richly inspired by iconic watches, it would be a missed opportunity not to use product descriptions to inspire customers. Even if yours is a small startup watch company, the internet lets you compete with well-known luxury brands – but the copywriting, including vital website product descriptors, must be good.

Product descriptions that inspire buyers

Discerning customers and search engines alike expect more than just dry lists of product specifications. What's more, if you're an online watch retailer, you shouldn't copy manufacturers' standard product descriptions word-for-word. If you do, Google will penalise you heavily for duplicate copy. Of course, writing dozens or hundreds of product descriptions is hugely time consuming, especially if copywriting isn't your greatest strength. Fortunately, whether I write your product descriptions from scratch, modify your existing descriptions or rewrite manufacturers' descriptors, I can create something that's unique to you – and irresistible to website visitors.

Engage with customers and differentiate your offer

Product descriptions and product category pages offer a fantastic – often overlooked – opportunity to engage with prospective customers and differentiate your offer. They're powerful vehicles for storytelling and inspiring buyers. And for painting vivid word pictures that show, rather than just tell, your product story. Of course, writing these takes time and that's a resource you may be short of. Hence the value of a writer who is used to doing copywriting for the luxury watch market. Someone who can take your brief, then write in a way consistent with your products and brand values – someone like me who 'gets' luxury watches copy' and its importance for today's watch market.

Product description writer for WatchGecko

Since late-2015, I've written new product descriptions and website category-page copy for WatchGecko and Geckota. Here's a taste of what I do (where applicable, Copyright Geckota Ltd, used with permission).



Product description writer for watches


Watch Industry product description after professional rewriting


SEO content copywriting for the watch industry

If you operate an online, ecommerce presence for your watch business (whether as a manufacturer, distributor, retailer or in another capacity) you'll know the importance of having well-researched, well-written, relevant online articles on your website. As well as engaging the search engines and persuading customers to buy, such content establishes your online authority.

Copy that's more than just content

I don't like the term 'content', although I have to use it. Why do I dislike it? Because it somehow validates the idea of words as low-value commodities rather than as highly-valuable, intelligent, bespoke, persuasive online copywriting. Too often, the idea of content devalues writing so people think of written content as a cheap commodity that can be shovelled onto web pages. If you're expecting 'Fiverr-type' or 'fiverr alternative' writing and fees from me, then I'm afraid that you've reached the wrong copywriter. If, however, like choosing a quality timepiece over a gaudy fashion piece, you appreciate true value, then we should talk...

Well-researched, well-written online articles

If you want well-researched, well-written, original online articles to engage human watch devotees as well as the search engines, please stick around, for that's what I've done for Geckota and its WatchGecko website since late 2015.

Deep work for luxury watch brands

In Deep Work influential author Cal Newport espouses 'rules for focused success in a distracted world' and the idea that deep work is a valuable, rare and meaningful approach to any twenty-first century endeavour. This could apply equally to copywriting and to watchmaking itself, a field where A. Lange & Söhne's relatively simple three-handed LANGE1 timepiece takes around six months of intensely focused work to reach its horological perfection. As watch guru Ariel Adams writes, 'when you buy a luxury watch you are buying time.' And in more ways than one. Fortunately, it usually takes considerably less of my time to make a significant different to the copy on clients' websites.


copywriting for the luxury watch market – luxury watches and deep work by cal newport

Do you really want commoditised 'content' for your luxury watch brand

Cal Newport defines Deep Work as 'professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit'. Such efforts create new value, improve skills and are hard to replicate. In our mass-production age of short attention spans and the idea that a morning spent 'doing email' is productive work rather than just busyness, there's never been such a shortage of deep work – nor such a requirement for it.

Yes, I suppose you could commission someone to 'shovel on' some 'content' about your luxury watch brand, but wouldn't that be rather like spraying the case of an $80k Patek-Phillipe with gold paint... In other words, it would be totally inappropriate.

Engaging original writing for a reasonable fee

So, instead of just churning out 'content', I take the trouble to research thoroughly, read widely and write carefully while crafting meaningful articles on topics as diverse as racing chronographs, tachymeters or divers' watches. Now that's deep work for you, and though you won't get my articles for a Fiverr, I'm sure you'll be pleased by just how much value I'll deliver for your writing budget. The Geckota team certainly were.

Blog posts, in-depth online articles and more...

Since writing for Geckota, and to complement numerous new and rewritten product descriptions, I've researched and written a series of blog posts and in-depth articles on luxury-watch industry topics. These are particularly important given that one of the guiding principles behind Geckota products is that they're inspired by classic watches and their features – but with a contemporary twist. I like the integrity that goes into the Geckota watches: these are not copies, or 'replicas', but watches that intelligently draw on the past and add something new.

Telling your watch industry story

Thus, their racing chronograph draws inspiration from classic watches such as Heuer's Camaro, but adds a modern meca-quartz movement, different case and bezel details, a screw-down crown and a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. That's a heck of a story and it deserves good writing. If your watches are half as interesting, you'll surely want to do them full justice – on your website, in product booklets or on industry websites such as aBlogtoWatch. As part of my extensive range of copywriting services for the watch industry, I can help out with all of these and more...


copywriter for watch companies – geckota racing chronograph on wrist

Article writing for the watch industry

The first article I wrote for Geckota explored the origins of pilot watches and the role of German Luftfahrtministerium specifications in pilot watch design between the two World Wars. And of course their subsequent influence on the luxury watches market where pilot watches by IWC, Zenith, Breitling, Laco, Stowa, Sinn, Cartier, Bremont and many others reportedly constituted around 10 per cent of all luxury watch sales in 2013 (Financial Times March 26 2014).

Copywriter for the watch industry

Article writing about pilot watches

The subject of Pilot watches is fascinating when you explore it and realise that design decisions made in the 1930s and earlier have determined the visual language of pilot watches (and other luxury watches) ever since. You can read the article on the WatchGecko website (again, Copyright Geckota Ltd, used with permission).


Article writer for the watch industry

And racing chronograph watches...

And here's another one, this time it's all about motor racing watches and the Heuer Camaro that, along with other iconic luxury watches such as the Carrera,  Autavia, Monza and Monaco (the 'Steve McQueen, Le Mans watch) defined the motor sport watch sector since the 1960s.

watch industry article on racing chronographs

Other watch and watch strap articles

Other watch and watch strap article topics that I've researched and written on for WatchGecko include these:

  • What is pull up leather?
  • One watch collection – what watch to buy?
  • Motorsport inspired watches – 5 reasons you need one
  • Starting a watch collection & best affordable watch brands
  • What is a tachymeter and how to use a tachymeter
  • Baselworld 2017
  • Pilot watches Parts 1 & 2
  • Pilot chronograph watch functions and how to use a chronograph watch
  • Leather watch straps Parts 1, 2 & 3
  • Divers' watches Parts 1 & 2
  • All about G10 NATO, ZULU & Bond NATO straps

They're all available on the Blog section at As you'll see, these are highly detailed, well-researched articles that give in-depth coverage of the topics. There's no room for 'thin copy' when you're doing contemporary watch industry copywriting – neither prospective customers or search engines such as Google will tolerate it.


watch industry copywriter's desk

Copywriting that benefits from my fresh eyes on the watch scene

Since 2015, Geckota has benefited from my newly discovered fascination with watches and the watch industry. And from my unjaded perspective as a newcomer to this fascinating world. As well as buying and wearing watches, I subscribe to various trade and consumer magazines about luxury watches – including QP, Revolution, Watch Around, europa star and WatchPro, the British watch industry magazine. It all helps when it's time to craft another article...


luxury watch industry copywriter – watch industry magazines


Another thing that helps is having an extensive library of books on luxury watches and the luxury watch industry... Thus, when it's time to write about Robert Maloubier and Blancpain, or the ascendency of Breitling in the 1950s, what better than having direct access to luxury watch standards such as Blancpain 1953–2013: The Dive and Watch History, Breitling The Book, Nick Foulkes' definitive TAG Heuer 150 Years or Arno Michael Haslinger's excellent Heuer Chronographen... And of course, no watch industry copywriter should be without Marco Strazzi's two-volume pictorial history of watch ads from 1900 to 2000.



Watch industry blogger

So that's product descriptions and articles covered. Additionally I've blogged for WatchGecko, helped with product development and naming, and researched and written profiles for brand ambassadors such as Norwegian watch enthusiast and subsea engineering expert, Morten Paulson.

Researching and writing pieces like these draws on my journalistic and PR-industry experience. Another of my specialities is as a case-study copywriter; the skills required for this came in handy when interviewing and writing-up brand ambassador articles. Imagine the possibilities for your watch brand...


watch industry brand ambassador profile copywriting

Watch industry websites

I've also written for leading watch industry websites such as Ariel Adams' aBlogtoWatch. The following sponsored article was placed in conjunction with the launch of the Geckota Racing Chronograph. Another announced Geckota's successful 2017 KickStarter campaign:


watch industry writer on aBlogtoWatch

Coopywriting for the watch industry – team profiles

Geckota Ltd has also benefited from my special treatment of their team profiles. It's an approach that I developed for a UK property services company's website and it's proved equally successful for the Geckota team's About Us  page. I interviewed the team, drew out the little characteristics and interests that make them so special, and then wrote the profiles... not your usual 'dull and predictable' team profiles!


watch company team profiles on about us page

And here's my profile from the same page:

al hidden watch industry copywriter geckota ltd team profile

Watch user-handbook writer

When Geckota developed and marketed a second generation of watches, the new pilot watches, racing chronograph and ZD1 divers' watch were the first to get dedicated full colour owner's handbooks.

I was able to combine my technical writing experience and brochure copywriting capability to deliver a suite of easy-to-read user guides that have subsequently been praised for their clarity. It's an important product and brand differentiator in a sector where many watch micro-brand instruction booklets appear to be both limited in scope and poorly written. Too often, it seems, writing user guides is an afterthought and isn't given the attention it deserves. If that's a concern for you, I can help...


watch industry owner handbook writer

Maybe you're well established in the watch market, or perhaps you are starting a watch business and need a watch industry writer to write for your website or brochure? Or to blog about watch industry news? You might even operate in another area of luxury products away from the luxury watch market. Based on my writing for Geckota, I recently wrote a guest page in the Style & Fashion section of a 200k-circulation regional magazine, The Local Answer. Guess what: it was about automatic watches...


I'll get copywriting off your to-do list too

Whatever your industry, sector or communications challenge, please ask yourself whether vital copywriting or online content creation is getting done – or languishing at the bottom of someone's to-do list.

As I already do for WatchGecko. I write for you when you don't have the time, the inclination or the specialist skills. Let's have a chat; I've always got time to talk about writing for the watch industry!

To arrange your no-obligation watch industry copywriting consultation, just call 01242 520 573 or email me


al hidden watch industry copywriter nicolas hayek pose

Image: Copyright Geckota Ltd; used with permission

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