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You run, or plan to build, a busy translation and localisation business. Whether you're starting out or established, you need to promote your business on your website, in brochures, in blog posts or in press releases. But good copywriting takes time and specialist skills – and it's not everyone's greatest skill. What's more, crafting the words that promote your business will inevitably divert your effort and focus from your core activity in translation, transcreation, localisation and related services.

If you don't have the time, the writing skills or the inclination to do your own copywriting, I can help. And having written website and blog copy for Gemini Translation Services and the Translation & Localisation Company (TLC) I know a bit about translation and localisation. Nowhere near as much as you, but enough...

I'd like to do more of the same. So if you could use a hand with engaging copy that human readers and search engines will love, we should have a chat.

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More on writing for translation businesses like yours

How are you addressing marketing for your language translation business and how could the services of an experienced freelance copywriter help you?

If you run an established translation business you probably understand the requirement for benefit-led marketing, website and PR copy. If you are a larger organisation, copywriting support could complement the skills of your in-house marketing team on a regular or ad hoc basis.

On the other hand, if it's just you and your translation business,  a trusted writing partner could be your copywriting resource when you need writing, but without the overhead when you don't. Similarly, even if you can write copy, do you really have the time to do so when you could be making money doing what you love – translating, localising or transcreating?

An excellent book on marketing for translators

By the way, you might like to check out the 'Marketing Cookbook for Translators' by Tess Whitty and its associated podcast – you'll find that they contain valuable information to help translators at all levels promote their businesses.

What can a professional copywriter help me with?

Here are a few types of copywriting that translators regularly use to market their businesses:


  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Websites
  • Sharable content
  • Email marketing
  • Client case studies
  • Email signatures
  • LinkedIn profile writing
  • Elevator pitches

How will you use words to promote your business?

Regardless of what resources you draw on to help with marketing, the time will come when you need words to promote your business. It might be early on when you are developing a website, or  later as you research and prepare a press release to announce  a new service such as product localisation.

You may also want to blog and do content marketing in conjunction with your social media presence. The whole content marketing thing is about creating useful content that helps and informs your prospects and customers. By consuming the content that you create, they're 'warmed up' to you and there's more likelihood that you'll be top of mind when they need translation services.

Regular blogging takes time

All good and well, but regular blogging, writing online articles or adding a new website page to promote that new service all takes time. As a freelancer myself, I understand how it feels to know you should be creating your own content – while facing the demands of clients. If that's you, and you just don't seem to have time to get on with that blog or article, I can help.

That's exactly what I did for Bristol-based translation specialists Gemini Translation when they got incredibly busy a couple of years ago. While they concentrated on cranking out the excellent translations and localisation projects, I took their blog-post briefs and got on with doing what I do best – crafting engaging copy that they could put on their website and disseminate with social media to drive traffic back to their website.

They got high-quality copy, on brand and on message, with the added benefit of an independent perspective. I tackled various topics for them, including these:

  • Automotive translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Translation for publishing
  • History of translation
  • Medical translation
  • Translation for FIGS, MINT and BRICS

Now imagine what I could write about for you...

Blog writing for an established translation business

Blogging tips for translators

Here's something useful and you can have it on me.

Whether you just want to run a modest blog or you aspire to the levels of leading translation blogs such as 'Adventure in Freelance Translation', 'Translation Times' or 'Thoughts on Translation', here are a few tips to help you make the most of your blog. Remember that, with blogging, slow and steady generally wins the day.

  1. Write for your target readership; promote your ideas rather than yourself.
  2. Write an engaging headline and lead.
  3. Keep paragraphs short and use subheads.
  4. Combine text with images (blogs with images generally perform better).
  5. Publish consistently.
  6. Curate: link out to relevant related content as well as back to your own website.
  7. Use social media to promote your blog posts.

What do I do next?

Maybe you fancy having a go at your own website or blog post copywriting. Or perhaps you would rather focus on doing what you do best in your world of grammatical and textual equivalence, translation memory, localisation and collocation.

If that's you, if you don't have the time, inclination or specialist copywriting skills, how about doing what Gemini and the Translation & Legalisation Company did? How about getting me on the case while you get on with business. We'll both be doing what we do best!

To arrange your no-obligation initial copywriting consultation, please call 01242 520 573 or email me




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