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Do you really need copywriting services – that's just a feature. Maybe what you really want is clear, engaging copy that persuades, informs, reassures, differentiates and sells. Those are the benefits of using a skilled copywriter.

Fact: my freelance copywriting services have been getting vital copywriting off to-do lists for organisations like yours since 2006. That alone speaks volumes. In that time, directly and via agency clients, I've written for plenty of people that you may have heard of: brands such as Toyota, Bentley Motors, Airbus UK, The Metropolitan Police, Cooper Security and Karndean Flooring. Then there are all the other clients who entrust me with website content writing, brochure copy, client case studies and other wordsmithing on engineering, automotive, aerospace, the watch industry, transport, travel, construction and more...

I offer copywriting services for Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and surrounding counties, and elsewhere in the UK. It's the vital copy that you or your client need when you haven't the time, specialist skills or inclination to write. Even if you can write copy, you'll know why it makes sense to outsource copywriting services, not least because it frees your time for more of what you do best.

We should talk. The sooner we do, the sooner words can work harder for you...

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Aerospace copywriting services – brochure writing

More about copywriting services

Read on for more information about copywriting services, why you might need them, the benefits of hiring a professional, and why skilled copywriters often bring more than just a way with words.

Why you need professional copywriting services

I guess it comes down to whether or not you want to write your own copy. Of course, if you’re determined to do so, that’s fine. However, there are good reasons why you might prefer not to.

For a start, you might not have the time to be your own copy or content writer. Perhaps you don’t enjoy writing; not everyone does. Maybe you recognise that you don’t have the specialist skills needed for professional copy creation. There's no shame there, particularly if you recognise that there's more to this copywriting thing than just opening Word and pouring out a stream of words, Kerouac-style.  

If that's you, you'll hire copywriting services the same way that you buy in web development, SEO services, photography, design or accountancy. I do too: I love providing copywriting services, but I’m not so keen on accountancy. And so the world turns. We each play to our strengths for each other's benefit.

Watch industry copywriting services – blog writing services

The value of hiring a copywriting specialist

Professional copywriters are specialists in their chosen discipline. Like anyone who focus in a particular field, we've made a career out of doing what we do day-in and day-out for many years. Along the way, we gather in-depth writing skills, knowledge and experience. In my case, I’ve been honing my copywriting skills since 2006 as a freelancer. Before that, I was writing copy in various capacities (including PR writing and technical writing) for another 10 years.

In-depth writing skills, knowledge and experience

If you work intensively for that long in any field of endeavour, and if you constantly work to improve your skills, there’s a high likelihood that you will become good at what you do. It’s that expertise that forms the heart of my copywriting services and makes me valuable to clients facing similar writing challenges to you. I’m told that approachability, integrity, being easy to work with and charging sensible fees also helps. It's why Mosaique Design entrusted me with copywriting for their prestigious client, Bentley Motors.

Automotive copywriting services – Bentley Retailer Guide

What does a professional copywriter do?

Let’s start with them being a good copywriting partner. For a start, I listen carefully to your requirements, probe and explore your objectives and understand the messages you want to communicate. I'll find new angles and emphasise benefits (and maybe identify new ones). Then I'll write, fast, clearly and effectively. t's what I do day in and day out. And there's more...

A true business partner

From initial enquiry to publication of final approved copy, I'm a true business partner, not just your freelance copywriter. Many copywriters and content writers simply can't offer the depth and breadth of experience that complements my copywriting services. Clients like you value the experience I've gained in sales, marketing, PR and technical writing before becoming a freelancer. And in a variety of industries too, including construction materials, decorative garden products, packaging and aerospace. That's experience gained in those fields, not just writing about them (which, of course, I've done too).

I write. Lots. In my case, providing copywriting services generally means writing for the web and SEO, writing brochure copy, and researching and writing customer case studies.

Copywriting services for travel and holidays

Adding value for clients

Over the years, though I’ve done many different kinds of copywriting, I’ve come to focus on certain areas that I particularly enjoy. Above all, they're the areas where I believe I can add the greatest value for clients.

The same applies to the topics I’ll write about. In the past I've written about subjects as varied as health and beauty and financial services, and for charities. Now, however, I prefer to concentrate on the topics I feel greatest affinity for – such as engineering, aerospace, automotive themes, the watch industry and travel.

Making it happen

That doesn’t mean I’ll never write about other subjects, but we all have our favourites. So, whether I’m writing product descriptions or in-depth long-form web writing for a watch company website, an aerospace brochure or an engineering consultant's case study for an engineering consultant, how does it happen?

Automotive copywriting services – SEO web content writer

How I deliver my copywriting services

Every copywriting assignment begins with your enquiry and an initial conversation about your project and your brief. At this stage, if I don't feel that my experience or copywriting services are right for you, I won't wing it. I know what I do well and if I don't think I'm the best person for your assignment I'll tell you. I'll even try to recommend someone else to help.

The copywriting brief is vital

Ideally, you'll have considered your copywriting requirement and written a copywriting brief. If not, I’ll prepare one and include it with my copywriting quotation. That quotation will be clearly presented. It will usually be on a fixed project-fee basis. If you're like most of my clients, you'll like that because it helps with budgeting. And if we're going to repeat similar work over the months ahead, such as regular landing page writing, blog articles, website pages, customer case studies or product descriptions, I can offer raise a 'standing' quote for up to a year.

Then I write...

With my quotation accepted and any agreed up-front deposit paid, I typically do some more fact-finding with you before writing first draft copy. My standard quote for copywriting services includes that first draft and up to two rounds of revisions. That's an industry-standard model for completion of copywriting before you sign off my work and I invoice you. My standard terms for copywriting services are 14 days.

Aerospace and defence copywriting services – brochure writer for Scott Aerospace

Time invested in briefing your copywriter is never wasted

I always advise that time invested in briefing me and supplying information during fact-finding is never wasted. It really does help me to give you the results you want; after all, who knows more about your business than you?.

Once you’ve done so, I get on with thinking and writing while you concentrate on what you do best for your organisation. As I said above, whether you're a marketing manager, SME owner-director, agency creative director or website developer, hiring my copywriting services frees valuable time for other business-building activities. Meanwhile, whether it's for your new brochure, engaging blog posts or an urgent press release, I get vital copywriting off your to-do list.

SEO web copywriting services for freight forwarding

Get me involved as early as possible

While we’re talking about the process of delivering copywriting services, I should mention the value of engaging your freelance writer as early as possible in the design process. Of course, you could 'shoehorn' copy around existing design, or create design around copy that's already been created.

Sometimes, doing this is unavoidable, in which case I'll use my skills to get the copy and design elements working as well as possible together. However, whether for a website or brochure, greatest synergistic value comes from getting design, photography and copywriting working together as early as possible in your project.

Trust me. Wherever possible, allow your graphic designer, website developer and copywriter to work together from the start. It's a proven creative recipe for a result that properly integrates words, structure and visual elements in your marketing materials.

Brochure copywriting services for estate agency

The benefits of hiring copywriting services

Where do I start? How about with clear, conversational, on-brand copywriting that’s thoroughly researched and well written with a suitable tone of voice, messaging and structure?

Actually, we're back to advantages and benefits again: the benefits are the way good copywriting informs, persuades, sells, reassures and differentiates in brochures, website content, case studies and every other type of copywriting. And all the time while pre-handling objections and effectively communicating the personality of your company, brand, products and services.

Attract and engage customers or clients

It's all about how well-written brochure or website copy attracts and engages prospects and, with your website, search engines such as Google. Thinking about the latter, another copywriting service that I offer is the SEO writing that helps turn your website into a powerful organic traffic search magnet. Pay per click (PPC) advertising such as Google AdWords is fine as a short-term tactical device. However, for the long term you can’t beat cost-effective organic search. For that you need a trusted SEO specialist and a copywriter skilled in SEO writing services.

Travel copywriting services – web copywriting for Oro Tours

Benefits across all kinds of written communications

Make no mistake: from beautifully alliterated single-sentence straplines to 2000-word SEO power pages, my copy writing services help you benefit across all kinds of written communication. They include these:

Copywriting services for engineering – brochure writing for Anstee Coil Technology


Who uses my copywriter services?

The short answer is ‘people like you and organisations like yours’. There really are as many users of copywriting services as there are business sectors. Wherever words must inform, persuade and sell there’s a place for skilled copywriting.

As communications media have evolved so the potential for new copywriting has grown and it doesn’t look like changing any time soon. A picture may be worth a thousand words but the words still do most of the selling. And while artificial intelligence may be set to take over many traditional roles, it doesn’t look as if AI will usurp the role of skilled copywriters anytime soon. From whole websites to individual automotive datasheets, copywriting services are alive and kicking.


Technical copywriting services – automotive datasheets for Toyota GB

From aerospace to welding

The images on this page give a feel for the assignments and clients that I write for. A snapshot of recently completed writing projects reveals a fast-growing watch company, a welding equipment business, aerospace companies, a cycling holiday firm, a freight forwarder, an estate agency, and, through a longstanding agency client, none other than Bentley Motors.

They're just a few examples of organisations that use my copywriting and content writing services. But what about kind of copy writing do I do for them: my work for the above-mentioned includes long and short website copy, SEO copywriting, brochure writing, team profile writing, blog post writing, SEO articles and case studies. It's just a tiny part of the  ‘copywriting services’ universe but it's what I specialise in.

Clear, persuasive, informative writing

The common identifier is clear, well-written, persuasive, informative writing that engages human beings and search engines and helps people build businesses.

Ultimately, whether my product description writing helps Bentley retailers sell more product or website copywriting helps R-Tech Welding in Gloucestershire sell more face masks, wire and TIG rods, from websites to case studies, it’s all about selling – products, services or ideas…

Copywriting services – case study writing

What do people say about my copywriting services?

My LinkedIn profile and Google reviews speak volumes about how clients value my copywriting services. So do the comments on my Testimonials page; here's a typical example:

'Al is a fantastic copywriter. I’ve worked with him on many different occasions for R-Tech and could not ask for a more professional, enthusiastic and detail driven content wizard. Absolute pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond to ensure any brief is fulfilled to the highest standard. We’ve targeted numerous (relevant) high search volume keywords and have achieved new page 1 rankings for these based off Al’s content and the right strategy behind it. Highly recommended.'

– Justin Gyles, Digital Marketing Manager, SOZO Design, Cheltenham

Copywriting services for engineering – increasing web traffic for R-Tech

Can you identify with any of the following?

Reverting back to why you might want to use freelance copywriting services, here are a few commonly-faced scenarios:

  • You’re too busy to write the copy you need.
  • Your website designer is screaming for copy that will allow her to finish your long-overdue new site.
  • Your SEO specialist says you need more written content.
  • You can’t afford a full-time staff writer, but you like the idea of a power-by-the-hour freelancer.
  • Or, as mentioned earlier, you simply don’t enjoy writing!

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, my skills, experience and copywriting services could be the answer. Just as they are for the organisations mentioned above and many more. And with that, let's move to the all-important call-to-action that all copywriting should include.

Copywriting services

I'm just a phone call or email away

I’m just a phone call or email away and waiting to help you with sound advice and great copy. When we speak, you'll see that best possible advice, honesty, integrity and powerful copywriting is at the heart of everything I do – from your first copywriting services enquiry to that successfully completed brochure writing, case study or web copy.

So, how shall we engage, persuade, inform and sell to your identified target audience as you build a long, profitable relationship with them? And how will copywriting help you stand out from your competitor?

Let's talk

From website article writing and SEO copy that engages humans and search engines, to brochures and other marketing collateral, I'd like to talk about what my copywriting services can do for you.

Please call 01242 520 573 or email me


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