Seeking copywriters for Shetland?

Something tells me you’re seeking copywriters in Shetland. And, by the way, that’s ‘Shetland’ or ‘The Shetland Isles’ – not ‘The Shetlands’ which doesn’t go down too well at 60 degrees north...

Of course there are copywriters in Shetland – and you probably know each other, where you live and even what you had for breakfast yesterday. That’s Shetland life for you. But sometimes, whether you’re in Lerwick or Hillswick, a fresh perspective – the external perspective you won’t necessarily get with a ZE postcode – adds value to your written content....

That's how I came to write for Uradale Organics' blog, and then for Mati Ventrillon Knitwear over on Fair Isle, as we crafted the website content that defines her new eponymous knitwear brand..


Website copywriting for Mati Ventrillon Fair Isle Knitwear

How well does your ‘Shetland copywriter’ really know Shetland?

If you’re prepared to look south of Sumburgh Head for writing, you’ll still want someone with a feel for Shetland and Shetlanders. Several mainland-based copywriters have optimised cookie-cutter landing pages around ‘copywriter Shetland & Orkney’, ‘copywriter Lerwick, Shetland’ and so on (interestingly, the same pages that they use for other UK places – they could at least tailor a page to Shetland as I’ve done!).

copywriters shetland: shetland landscape.


These pages may appear high in Google’s results and I’m sure they’re written by capable wordsmiths, but do these copywriters really understand Shetland life and have empathy for the place? My guess is that they don’t. I might be wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve never visited Shetland, never seen the moon rise over Clift Sound and wouldn’t know a selkie from a dratsie if it stuck its head up in a voe. Heaven forbid, they might even think the ‘Shetland Bus’ is the Number 9 from Lerwick to Walls...


Copywriter for Uradale Organics blog, Scalloway, Shetland

Relating to Shetlanders

If you’re going to entrust copywriting to a writer from outside Shetland, surely it makes sense to choose someone who’s spent time there? Someone with family connections near Scalloway, who’s written for Shetland enterprises, and who can relate to the promotional needs of Shetland organisations. And all while bringing valuable writing skills and experience across technical, web/SEO, PR and marketing copy.

copywriters shetland: eshaness.

And yes, as an experienced professional copywriter, of course I’ll give you all the clarity, concision, creativity and targeted copywriting you and your audience deserve. It’s what I do.

A copywriter for Shetland

I’m not a Shetland copywriter by birth or residence, but if you need a copywriter for Shetland, I could be perfect. Whether for persuasive tourism website copy or engaging case studies for a Shetland business, let’s get that vital copywriting off your to-do list.

For your free consultation, please contact me now.

Proudly supporting Shetland logo.


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