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I'm a skilled, experienced freelance UK copywriter who chooses to focus on supporting organisations in and around Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds – with selective projects elsewhere in Great Britain or the UK. My specialisms are web/SEO copy, marketing copy, technical copy and PR writing.

I write the words that UK organisations like yours don't have the time, the specialist skills or the inclination to write themselves. I get words off UK businesses' to-do lists and out into the market where they can sell, persuade and inform. We should talk, because my copywriting skills that can add value for your organisation...

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More about choosing copywriters for the UK

There's a wealth of Copywriting expertise in the UK for everything from marketing and technical copy to website/SEO copywriting. Whether you've Googled from 'Down Under' or England's heart, how do you choose the right freelance UK copywriter? If I could show you how my copywriting could help your organisation, you'd want my help wouldn't you?

Criteria for choosing your UK copywriter

Your choice of UK copywriters is likely to be based on these criteria:

  • Willingness to write for non-UK businesses – not all UK copywriters do.
  • Copywriting experience.
  • Rates.
  • Location.
  • Specific sector experience and skills.
  • Personality – chemistry matters when choosing a copywriter for hire.

Successfully choosing writing services from UK copy suppliers is easier if you systematically consider the following factors.

Willingness to write for non-UK organisations

Some writers only work for UK organisations. Whatever the reason for only offering copywriting services in the UK, this may preclude you working together if you are based elsewhere.

Copywriting UK: experience matters

Conventional and SEO copywriters range from novices to those with decades of multinational experience. Depending on your needs, either could be right for you. In practice, because of the very high fees some writers charge, and beginners' inexperience, your best bet is probably mid-range – a capable UK copywriter with a good portfolio, solid background and sensible pricing. Don't be surprised if they're based outside London either.

Rates for copywriters in the UK

From a few pounds an hour to hundreds, there's massive variation in rates. In practice, you'll find a great choice in the £30 –50 per hour range. Stratospheric high-end fees may be appropriate for highly specialised conceptual advertising writing, and low-end writers may suffice if you're happy with 'cheap and cheerful'. In practice, with such a good choice around national average rates, there's probably no need to explore the extremes – whether you searched for 'SEO copywriter UK' or 'UK brochure copywriter'. If you want solid writing skills for a sensible fee, you really should get in touch.

English language skills

This applies particularly if you're communicating with UK audiences and have a choice between writers who have English as their native language and those who don't. Some people argue that cheap SEO articles sourced abroad are acceptable because the content is targeted at search engines for link-building. I disagree. If articles appear in the engines' results, your business name will be in the resource box for anyone to see. Do you really want your brand associated with less-than-perfect copywriting that could distract or annoy potential customers? Why compromise when there excellent UK copywriters who can do the job surprisingly competitively?

As many marketing personnel know, even if you can do your own copywriting, hiring a UK-based freelancer like me often makes sense. While I write, you can get on with what you do best for your organisation.

Sector copywriting experience

Specific sector experience can be a useful criterion for choosing your content partner. Bear in mind, however, that a writer from out of sector may bring valuable new perspectives. Look for specific skills too: someone offering combined writing and editing services or a UK SEO copywriter.

Location of your writer in the UK

Even a cursory Google search reveals content writers across the nation, From Gloucestershire copywriters to freelance copywriters in London and wordsmiths in northern Britain, we're everywhere. So how to choose between us? If you're outside the UK (please remember that a writer in the UK is not automatically the same as an 'English copywriter'), you will probably work remotely. It's not ideal but it can work.

Although I work selectively across the UK, the majority of my clients are in Gloucestershire and nearby areas, as reflected by the following pages on the site:

However, if you're based in England, Wales, Scotland (perhaps you're seeking copywriters in Shetland) or Northern Ireland, you may consider location alongside other factors. If several UK copywriters meet your other criteria, there's a good argument for appointing one near you. Different copywriters will debate this all day; in my view, however, proximity wins when it comes to offering face-to-face service without high meeting and travel costs. I base this on experience and the comments of my clients. Others may feel differently...


The best copywriting relationships are long, productive ones where client and writer get to know each other well. Choose a UK freelance copywriter that you can work with. In all areas of business, people 'buy' people – it's the same when you choose from copywriters in the UK. Interpersonal chemistry means a lot – especially when combined with a skilled, experienced local writer. I wonder when you'll contact me to discuss your copywriting?

Let's talk copywriting

I'd like to show you what I can do for you. If you're British-based and looking for an experienced professional UK copywriter, please contact me.






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