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From category pages to blog post writing and an in-depth profile of Michael Langley, and his artwork and clothing collections, I've written about his horology art several times.  At the heart of what I've contributed to the Uchi website is engaging, deeply researched, long-form article writing that engages human visitors and the search engines alike.

Would your watch, automotive, clothing or art business benefit from the inspired online copywriting that's helped The Uchi Horology Series grow? Engaging article writing on watches, horology or other themes to engage and inspire your customers? The skills I brought to Uchi can help build your business too. Let's talk – or read more below about the copywriting I've done for The Uchi Horology Series...

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The Uchi Horology Series - Art of Horology meets Steve McQueen

More on copywriting and horology art

So what is horology art?  A Google search using key-phrases such as 'horological art', 'art of watches', 'timepiece artwork' or 'the art of horology' gives a good idea what this descriptor covers.

Horological art ranges from Salvador Dali's surrealistic melting watches in 'The Persistence of Memory', to modern depictions of the Heuer Monaco or Seiko SKX. And in doing so, it embraces a range of styles from the impressionistic to the photorealistic.

Images that look just like a brand's technical drawings undoubtedly have their place. However, I'm particularly impressed by art that combines horological imagery with intelligent exploration of other factors and their integration in the finished artwork. It's an approach that The Uchi Horology Series executes with considerable flair – not least with projects such as the Heuer Monaco collection or his Omega Speedmaster-inspired Apollo Moon landing art.

The Uchi Horology Series  Moonwatch wall art

I'd already been writing for watch companies for some time before bringing my skills to the UK-based Uchi Clothing Company. Their Horology Series took the brand into timepiece art prints and watch-related clothing for the first time. Given my experience writing for the watch industry, it was a logical collaboration.

I've known Michael for over 20 years

I've known Michael Langley and Uchi since we both worked for Bristol technical publications agency Piper Group in the 1990s. That was where I cut my teeth as a technical writer and copywriter on assignments for the likes of AIRBUS and Rolls-Royce. I then moved to a technical PR agency before setting up as a self-employed copywriter...

michael langley - uchi horology series

Little did I know then, as I watched Michael nurture his nascent Uchi brand, how it would evolve around his passion for Hip Hop culture, science and mathematics. And how our paths would cross again in the watch industry and with his horology art project.

Writing a horological retrospective for Uchi

Michael had long-held a desire to create more horology-themed works. I'm delighted that by introducing Michael to Geckota Ltd, with whom I was working, I played a small part in kick-starting The Uchi Horology Series.

watch industry copywriter for uchi horology timepiece art

A recent collaboration with The Uchi Horology Series consisted of another in-depth article. This time it combined a retrospective on several years' activity with a look at where the Series could go next. More than just case study or profile writing, working with Michael on this article was an enjoyable challenge as ever. Click on the image below to read the piece and discover Michael's talents.

The Uchi Horology Series Horology Art Blog Article

Over the years, I've helped the business with various editing and writing assignments as well as advising and encouraging the super-creative 'Mr Uchi' himself. Late in 2020, Michael told me that he had been considering such a piece for a while and asked me to give a third-party perspective on the business. We had a long chat and I got to work on a piece that – more than just a retrospective – eventually considered the past, present and future of The Uchi Horology Series. You can read the result here.

Long-form article writing

The November 2020 piece for The Uchi Horology Series website gives insight into the creativity of this design-print-typography polymath. In the article we discuss various timepiece art. This ranges from Uchi's 'Apollo XI Moon landing Horology Print' to 2020’s collection of lumed T-shirts inspired by the classic Seiko SKX diver's watch. There's also a sneak peek at the screen printing process used for Uchi's lume T-shirts. And some hints about where Michael's creativity will lead his horology brand in future.

Not only should the article interest connoisseurs of horology art, but it also demonstrates how I tackle engaging long-copy writing for clients. Given that Google and human site visitors both love finding and sharing longer, in-depth, articles, perhaps this would interest your online business too. If so, please get in touch so we can have a chat about your copywriting requirement.

Uchi's TAG-Heuer Monaco collection

My first assignment for Uchi was when Uchi Clothing launched The Uchi Horology Series of unique watch-related art prints and timepiece T-shirts. First off the line, faster than Jo Siffert’s Number 20 Gulf Porsche 917K at Le Mans, was a stunning print and T-shirt combo. It’s inspiration? The genuinely iconic Heuer Monaco Cal. 11 racing chronograph – the Steve McQueen watch.

This is a collection of A3 and A2 art prints, and horology-themed T-shirts, where the art of horology meets Bauhaus, Max Bill's 'root 2' proportions and the golden age of international sports car racing. It's also another Uchi collection demonstrating how one man's talent combines diverse influences with typography, design and printing expertise.

uchi horology series timepiece art heuer monaco t-shirt

As ever with Uchi creations, the quality of printing (Michael is a trained printer alongside his other skills) matches the thoughtfulness of the unique designs and skilful integration of multiple design components. Significantly, Michael often eschews merely photorealistic images or technical illustrations of watches.

Instead, as the combination of Heuer, Bauhaus, Max Bill and  Porsche references in the first collection showed, his strength lies in creating whole horology concepts. Only then does he underpin these with impressive technical illustration skills.

For that first launch collection, I helped out with an in-depth blog post covering the topics that influenced the artworks, posters and clothing that make up the collection. This drew on my research and article writing experience for UK-based watch and watch strap brand Geckota. We also drew on the considerable SEO expertise of Graham Baylis at Serendipity Online Marketing, for his invaluable help with keyword research.

SEO keyword research for The Uchi Horology Series

The topics I wrote about included Steve McQueen, the iconic Heuer Monaco watch, the 1970 Le Mans movie, Porsche and the late, great Jo Siffert. It was another project that played to my research and in-depth article writing skills, interest in motorsport, automotive copywriting experience and fascination for watches and horology.

Horology art that works at multiple levels

The Uchi Horology Series art prints and clothing triumph at several different levels. Firstly, you can appreciate them as stunning graphics. You can also savour their multi-layered explorations of horological, design, socio-cultural and other themes associated with watches.

The horology art that Uchi creates is typically about much more than just reproducing images of watches as photorealistic depictions or technical illustrations. What Michael excels at is addressing horological concepts, be it the world of Le Mans in 1970 or the Apollo moonshot a year previously. You may think you 'get' the concept and its design elements. Then, months later, you'll be delighted to discover a subtle detail that you hadn't seen before. That's The Uchi Horology Series for you.

Seiko SKX and Uchi day date ring T-shirt

As a writer, it's been my challenge to highlight the depth of The Uchi Horology Series' works. Therein lies much of the appeal of writing about these timepiece artworks. And my excitement about where The Uchi Horology Series will go in future. As it happens, I have a privileged inside track into this. But if I told you, I'd have to…

Michael Langley: Geckota brand ambassador

Given the chemistry between Michael and the Geckota team, I was pleased when he was made an ambassador for the growing brand. He's in good company, alongside the likes of Norwegian undersea engineering and watch industry consultant Morten Paulson, and up-and-coming British racing driver Scott McKenna.

michael langley brand ambassador for geckota limited

As you can see from the above, Michael's appointment got me writing again as I created brand ambassador articles for The Uchi Horology Series and Geckota's WatchGecko website.

Visual design at Baselworld 2019

As part of my work as a watch industry copywriter, I made several visits to the annual Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show. In 2019, I used the now-annual visit to Switzerland to research an in-depth article on 'The Unique Visual Design of Baselworld 2019' for the WatchGecko online magazine.

Taking Michael to Switzerland to collaborate on the piece and benefit from his considerable design expertise was a no-brainer. It also gave him a valuable introduction to the annual watch fair. I wasn’t surprised that our time in Baselworld's hallowed halls provided notable inspiration for The Uchi Horology Series – not least from the Patek Philippe and Zenith stands. From stand design and watch brand brochures, to Swiss graphic design and Hip Hop graffiti on the approach to Basel Hauptbahnhof, you can read the article here.

Article The Unique Visual Design of Baselworld 2019


The Baselworld article is yet another example of the kind of in-depth, long-copy, online articles that I specialise in researching and writing. You don't believe in long website pages, articles or blog posts? You think website visitors won't scroll down? Have a look at what respected professionals such as the Nielsen Norman Group or online-marketing guru Neil Patel have to say. Trust me; well-written long-form copy is a very powerful tool as you engage with customers and prospects – and attract organic search traffic.

Great gifts for watch lovers

While writing for The Uchi Horology Series, I've been privileged to experience many of the products for myself, as well as getting inside the mind of its creator. My advice to you, if you love what you see on Michael's website, is to treat yourself or someone else (these creations make great gifts for watch enthusiasts). Then watch the Uchi Clothing website closely, get on Michael's mailing list, and come back often...

Uchi Horology Series products

While working for Uchi, I've drawn on a career of research and article writing skills. And of course, the watch industry knowledge gained on a very steep personal learning curve since starting to write for Geckota in 2015.

As well as crafting engaging SEO page copy (good for search engines as well as human website visitors), my words had to capture the philosophy behind Uchi's move into timepiece art. And of course the excitement and passion that Michael radiates when embarking on new projects. I hope I've done him and his creations justice.

Getting vital copywriting off to-do lists since 2006

So that’s an overview of my collaboration with Uchi Clothing and The Uchi Horology Series. As a copywriter – and a watch industry copywriter, no less – it’s exciting to be in at the start of something genuinely new, creative and impressive.

That’s what we've got with The Uchi Horology Series of watch art prints and timepiece T-shirts. As far as I can see, there’s nothing else quite like it out there in the horology art world.

uchi horology series timepiece art

Do watches, cars, design, cinema and other related topics excite you as much as they do me? If so, check out The Uchi Horology Series, buy Michael’s stunning timepiece art and immerse yourself in the world of some amazing watches and horological themes.

And if you need some inspired watch industry copywriting, please get in touch for a chat about how my skills and experience could help build your business too.

I’ve always got time to talk watches or copywriting. Call now on 01242 520 573 or email me


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