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Resources for Cheltenham creatives

Here's a selection of resources based on my experience as a locally based freelance copywriter: Read more here

Preparing your simple, effective, copywriting brief
Preparing a simple copywriting brief is always worth the effort. Download my Copywriting Briefing Form now. (75 kb)

Choosing a copywriting practice

Someone recently told me that Cheltenham has the highest concentration of creative businesses outside London. Put all those design agencies, web designers, copywriting agencies, graphic designers, photographers, app designers and other creative consultancies together and it's guaranteed to be a challenge to find the one that's perfect for your next creative project. Read more here...


Revealed: what you get when you pay $5 for an SEO article...

I've long wondered what buyers actually get when they pay 'peanuts' for SEO articles or other copywriting on sites such as Elance, Fiverr and others of their ilk. I'd heard about the problems with poorly-written copy, writers who don't have English as their first language and so on... To find out what professional copywriters are up against from the so-called copy mills, I recently tried a little experiment. Here's what happened...



Customer case studies: Sold! By your client in their words...

Well-researched and written client case studies are an effective way to get your clients to sell you in their own words. Once created, they’re easy to use across many print and online platforms with minimal rework. Learn how to do it here...

example of case study by al hidden

How good is your website content?

BAsed on a presentation I made at The Business Kitchen's taster session in October 2014, a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your written online content at the writing stage. Read more here...


SEO copywriting tips

Here are some SEO copywriting tips based on my experience as a copywriter. It’s quite a long article, but please persevere – it’s all good stuff that really could help you write more effectively online. Read more here...

SEO copywriting tips: typical SEO page

Why freelance copywriters get employed

Freelancers get employed because they are expert at something. In the case of copywriters, it’s because we’re expert business writers – for website copy, brochure content, case studies, articles or other written communication that must inform and persuade. There's lots more too! Read more here...

Panda, Penguin and your SEO copywriting in 2013

Have you noticed a sudden fall in the quality of your Google search results recently? Are you worried about the quality and quantity of your written website content? Got a sneaky feeling that your site content could be working harder for your website visitors – and your organisation? If so, perhaps the latest Google Penguin and Panda algorithm changes have affected your website. According to my contacts in the SEO and web development world, you're not alone. Read more...

panda and penguin…

‘Copyrighter’ vs. copywriter


Like many copywriters. I’m often asked what I do – and whether it’s to do with intellectual property matters. The answer is both yes and no. Read more...


devolo powerline networking troubleshooting for copywriters
Creativity finds its wings in all sorts of places. As a busy Gloucestershire copywriter I often find it refreshing to work somewhere different. That’s why, using devolo dlan 200 AVSmart+ powerline networking, I’ve moved up to our conservatory to write this summer. Unfortunately, depite the devolo working like a dream out of the box last year, I've just had a problem resynching the two Homeplugs. To find out how I solved the problem, read more...

Copywriting books
Over nearly 20 years in professional marketing, PR, technical and copy writing, I've acquired a sizeable library of copywriting books. Bearing in mind all the time that power lies, not just in having the information, but in what you do with it, here are a few favourites: from 'how to write for a website' to the word 'zythum', in my opinion they're some of the best books on copywriting, and for copywriters. Read more...

Ergonomic office seating for copywriters and other creatives
Is your back (or your chiropractor) telling you it's time for a better office chair? If so, maybe it's time to invest in a really good ergonomic workstation seat. They're not cheap, but the benefits, as I can attest after two years living and working with two Scandinavian beauties, really are worth it... Read more about ergonomic seating for copywriters and other creatives...

The difference between 'website' and 'SEO' copy
One of my agency clients recently asked me to brief them on the differences between website and SEO copywriting, to help them when pitching to their clients. Here's what I told them.

Copywriting: 20 tips for great commercial copy
Here are 20 copywriting tips that I've found useful as a freelance copywriter.

5 signs that you need a professional copywriter
Do you have the skills and experience to do your own copywriting? Here are five signs that you need a pro copywriter.

Do-it-yourself SEO web copywriting tips
A selection of professional tips for writing better SEO copy.

Perfect your winning elevator pitch
Here are my top tips for your effective elevator pitch.

Overcome business writer's block –10 ways to get writing...
You've gathered your ideas together but the words won't come: Try these pro copywriter tips.

Mind mapping for anyone who writes
This simple tool has changed the way I plan my copywriting. Mind mapping can help you too.

Case-study copywriting can help your business
A well-written case study proves that you've delivered for clients. Even better, several case studies show you've done it again and again. It's the reassurance that prospective customers want to see in print or on the web. But it's a specialised skill, so read on for client case study copywriting advice.

10 copywriter tips for more effective business writing
Whether it's email or new website content, you probably spend much of your day writing. A few simple tricks can help your business writing work harder. Discover the professional copywriter tips that can make your business writing more effective.

How a website copywriter can help your business
Well-written SEO copywriting has never been more important for your business. An experienced SEO copywriter can help.

More effective email
A few simple tips help ensure more effective email and a more professional image for you.

Choosing your Gloucestershire website designer
A few simple tips for choosing your Gloucestershire website designer.

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Long-form article writing: the iconic VW Beetle

Al Hidden automotive copywriter article about VW Beetle and German watches

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They're a powerful write-once-use-many-times way to get customers to sell the benefits of your products and services in their words.

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Copywriting for The Uchi Horology Series

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Technical or Engineering copywriting? I can help.

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