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Let's consider creative copywriting solutions for a minute. There's a big ongoing debate about use of the term 'solution'. Look around. We live in a world of logistics solutions, IT solutions, plumbing solutions and cleaning solutions – where the word is used to imply more than just a single product or service but a seemingly limitless range of ...well, solutions to customer problems!. With every other kind of solution addressed by someone, somewhere, why not apply the same thinking to business writing with copywriting solutions?

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The pros and cons of the term 'copywriting solutions'

Those who disagree with the use of the term 'solutions' in the way I've described make the point that simply using the word indicates a lack of understanding about what, exactly, a business is offering.

On the other hand, supporters agree that the term reflects an ability to combine different products and services to create an overall solution – something much bigger, more useful and more customer specific than the sum of its component parts.

Yes! I provide copywriting solutions

On that basis, I unashamedly offer copywriting solutions; and I occasionally mention the fact. Because I'm not a one-trick copywriting resource I offer a breadth and depth of business writing expertise and experience including the following:

  • Marketing copy
  • Technical copywriting
  • Website and SEO copy ('SEO copywriting solutions')
  • PR writing
  • Client case study writing
  • Copyediting and technical editing

Bring any of these capabilities (and their component parts) together and you have, like it or not, the recipe for bespoke, imaginative copywriting 'solutions' to suit clients' immediate needs.

I offer the skills and experience that come from over 30 years in sales, marketing, PR, tech writing and copywriting. That means I can put together a package to meet your copywriting requirement. I offer 'complete copywriting solutions' – and I can tell you exactly what product and service I am offering.

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What would a creative copywriting solution do for you

With that said, imagine what a creative copywriting solution would do for your organisation. While others go on debating the pros and cons of 'solutions', and the semantic implications of same, we should talk about how one of my professional copywriting solutions can help you get vital copywriting off your to do list and out there, working for you.

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