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Let's start with what I'm not. I'm not a journalist.

That said, over the course of the last 20 years my copywriting and PR writing has often drawn on many of the editorial writing skills that newspaper and magazine journalists use. Whether I was ghostwriting company profiles for a packaging company in the 1990s, writing internal newsletters for the Airbus UK technical publications department, researching and writing trade editorials and think pieces for MRA's construction industry clients, or crafting client case studies for my own, the end result has been what you could more or less loosely call 'editorial writing'.

So, if you want a journalist, and out-and-out opinionated editorial content I'm not your man. But if you want engaging newsletter copy, case studies, company profiles or similar content and you haven't got the time or inclination to write them yourself, we should have talk.

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More about editorial writing

I've heard the term editorial writing used to describe un-paid-for content in media; that is content that isn't advertising or an advertising feature (once called 'advertorials').Nowadays, my writing has moved away from the purer editorial by-lined articles that I wrote for MRA's clients: think pieces typically bylined by a window-company managing director where 'they' waxed lyrical on the effect of the economy on PVCu profile or the future of reproduction sliding sash windows. Of course, the articles were written by me and my colleagues from our office deep in the southern Cotswolds. It was fun, and it was interesting too. It also gave me valuable experience for what I do now. And what I could do for you and your organisation.

Company profile writing for a packaging company

Before that, there were a brace of company profiles that I wrote for Bristol-based packaging and point-of-sale manufacturer, S H Fiske Ltd. When a journalist (a professional editorial writer) from South west Business came along, she completely didn't get' what we were doing. So I wrote the article for the publication.

Then the American sheet-conversion industry magazine Boxboard Containers International asked for a few notes so they could write a profile. We did better than that: I wrote the article for them, it was used, and the business owner was proud as a dog with two tails at the next sheet converters' meeting. Why? Because we'd achieved a bigger profile feature than many of the large multinationals had achieved! That's the power of good editorial writing.

Editorial for Boxboard Containers International

Editorial for internal newsletters

A couple of years later, while working for Piper Group plc in Bristol, I was able to use my writing skills to turn a boring internal newsletter ('it goes straight into the bin') into something that the technical publications department was pleased to read, absorb and think about – exactly what was needed during a period of major organisational change. During the same period I also wrote and edited Piper Group's own newsletter. My experience was building.

After that came my year as an account manager and writer at MRA, before I moved up to Cheltenham and took the decision to go freelance. So what sort of ;editorial writing' have I done since then?

Editorial content for company newsletter writing

Here's how my editorial experience helps my clients now

There are those client case studies for a start. Each one is based on a thorough fact-finding interview to draw out the salient facts from my client's client. Then, instead of merely writing a 'dry' problem-solution-benefits-quotation case study, I turn the interview into more of a feature piece where the interviewee's words form 35 to 50 per cent of the article. And of course, I use proven editorial techniques such as an engaging introductory standfirst, headline, subheads and pull quotes to help readers and emphasise the main messages of the article. I've lost count of how many case studies I've researched and written. What I do know is that they go down a treat with my clients and their audiences. They are also a highly cost-effective write-once-use-many-times piece of copy.

Blog post writing

Blog=post writing also draws on the skills and techniques of an experienced editorial writer. When clients such as Firestarter, Gemini Translations and Craythorn Communications need blog posts they've come to me for topics as diverse as auto enrolment, automotive translation and chartered surveying in London. No problem! I love it.


Blog post copy for Gemini Translations

Travel writing articles

I've also moved into writing travel editorial too. It's something I've done for my own amusement in the past. Now, I write a monthly piece for the Cheltenham-based Local Answer directory. Okay, so it isn't Lonely Planet or Wanderlust but the combination of my travel writing and photography by myself and my wife have been well received.


Travel writing article for Local Answer in Cheltenham

A website and online content writer too

Add to this my experience as a website writer, SEO article writer, online content writer, and for online article marketing. Throw in some brochure writing and technical copywriting and that's me.

Another benefit...

There's another benefit from using a copywriter with my experience in PR and editorial writing. When you hire me to write a press release, I can write it with practical understanding of the public relations, online and print media worlds. It all starts with making sure that you've got a really newsworthy story (you would be amazed how many press releases don't have this).

An experienced editorial writer who understands press releases

Take the next step with no-obligation

By now, I hope you can see that you have found a freelance writer with a real feel for writing editorial when it is needed. Many copywriters don't have this (okay, hands up, I don't have lots of conceptual advertising copywriting experience...).

How will 'editorial writing' and an understanding of editorial writing help you promote your business in print or online? We should have that chat.

To arrange your no-obligation editorial writing consultation, please call me on 01242 520 573 or email me

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