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Why are you searching for en engineering copywriter? Maybe you don't enjoy writing, recognise that it isn't your core strength, or simply don't have the time to write the sales, marketing and SEO copy that you know your engineering or other technology organisation urgently requires.

Perhaps you require more and more writing, but don't have the budget to create a full-time copywriting position and employ a staff writer. These are exactly the situations where I help organisations like yours in Gloucestershire, surrounding counties and further afield.

I'm not an engineer (though I was once a qualified concrete technologist), but I've always been fascinated by engineering – whether in the construction materials, civil engineering and building sectors, aerospace, automotive engineering or other industry. I know enough and I'm curious enough to get my head around most things...

While I write (always me, I don't employ other writers), you can get on with other business tasks. We both do what we're best at... Imagine briefing me on that new brochure, press release or website, then letting me get on with the research and writing.

Let's have a chat about your requirements; to learn more about my engineering copywriting services, please call 01242 520 573 or email me.


Gloucestershire engineering copywriter

More about choosing an engineering copywriter

I started freelance writing well over 10 years ago now. Before that I spent seven years as a technical writer and copywriter for a technical writing consultancy in Bristol and with a technical PR agency in the Cotswolds. As a freelance writer since 2006, I specialise in work as a web/SEO writer, technical copywriter, marketing copywriter and client case study writer.

Bearing in mind that I was writing PR and marketing copy before joining the technical writing house and working as a copywriter in Bristol, I've learned, developed and refined copywriting techniques over nearly 25 years at the time of writing. That's a lot of words written en route to mastering my craft, but there's always something new to learn – whether about copywriting or engineering.

Get inside the mind of your customer

On the subject of persuasive copywriting, one of the secrets is to get inside the mind of your prospective customer, client or other audience. Then it's a matter of shaping your brand story to address their expectations in a way that's easy to understand and engaging. Clear writing combined with persuasiveness and a personal style are vital. As a writer trained in clear technical writing, I have an additional skillset to deploy.

Engineering industry recycling brochure copywriter

This doesn't just apply to sales pages, but to About Us and FAQs pages where engineering companies (like many others) often forget that the writing should actually be more about the reader than about them. The secret? Taking raw 'about us' information and turning it into customer-centred 'what does this mean for you?' copy. We all like to discover how something will benefit us!

Engineering copywriting for many sectors

My experience as an engineering copywriter ranges across sectors as diverse as high-temperature gas filtration, engineering services, electromagnetic coil technology and aerospace. Even if I haven't written specifically for your product or service, the fact that I've been able to get a sufficiently deep understanding about other engineering fields means you can be confident that I can do the same for yours.

Over the years, I've discovered that many very capable technical and engineering people don't particularly enjoy marketing or online writing. What's more, by their own admission, they often don't know about, or lack confidence with, copywriting techniques that deliver clear communication persuasively. And in ways that engage human readers and search engines.

I turn your source material into sparkling copy

My role is to take a brief, find out lots about an engineering product, brand or organisation (or all three), and then turn this source material into sparkling copy – usually to sell products or services. These are usually in the business-to-business (B2B) space. Fortunately, I'm primarily a B2B copywriter, which is another good reason to engage my professional copywriting services.

Engineering consultancy copywriter

Here are some of the writing services I provide to organisations like yours in engineering and other business areas:

  • Company profiles
  • Article writing
  • SEO copywriting
  • Technical copywriting
  • Business writing
  • Website copy
  • Sales copy
  • Press release writing
  • Client case studies


Engineering copywriter for Evoke Supplies

A selection of engineering-related clients

Since starting work as an engineering copywriter in Bristol in the late 1990s, I've been fortunate enough to work directly and indirectly for (and about) some of the most interesting and respected engineering-related businesses in South West England and elsewhere in the UK:

  • Rolls-Royce
  • Hyder Consulting
  • Piper Group plc (now part of BAESYSTEMS)
  • Anstee Coil Technology
  • Metalock Engineering
  • Hawksland Associates
  • Pearson Finch (specialist engineering consultancy)
  • Lionbridge
  • Rheinmetall Technical Publications UK
  • Elecro Engineering
  • SEA (Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd)
  • Blueprint Project Solutions
  • Spatial Structures
  • Tornado Recycling
  • Energist
  • British Precast

engineering brochure copywriter metalock

I'm not a big copywriting agency, but a passionate writer with an interest (among many) in helping engineering-related clients communicate more effectively with good copywriting. Because it's just me (I don't employee other writers or subcontract work out), you know exactly who will be writing for you. By the way, if we discuss your requirement and I believe you'd be better served by a big copywriting firm, with teams of writers (and the fees required to pay them), I'll tell you.

Get vital copywriting off your to-do list

Through my writing copy, copyediting and providing content writing services, I help you get vital business writing off your to-do list and out in the market to work for you. Remember that a brochure, new web pages or customer case studies are useless while they are just an idea festering at the bottom of that to-do list. They only start working for you when someone like me writes them for you!

Engineering brochure writer for Anstee Coil Technology


Let's talk engineering copywriting

So how will my interest in engineering, and demonstrable skills as a copywriting pro, help you define and differentiate your (or your client's) business? Please look at my copywriting portfolio, read some copywriting examples and consider my 'copywriting CV'.

Call 01242 520 573 or email me and let's see how some affordable copywriting (not cheap, but always very good value) would help.






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