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Your homepage is your website's greatest hits and your homepage content writer must be on top form. This is the page that showcases the most important and interesting content from the rest of your site. It must present that information as engaging, succinct summaries that whet visitors' appetites. To earn the right to be on your homepage, those summaries must tempt visitors to click through to deeper pages.

Knowing how to write homepage content may not me your greatest skill. If you don't have the time, specialist skills or inclination to write, I can help – while you get on with something that better uses your skills.

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More on homepage content

Your homepage is where you start to close the sale. As one of the main entry points to your site, it's inherently less focussed than the deeper pages.

As Lynch and Horton explain in Web Style Guide: 'Designing the home page layout last allows you to acknowledge the unique introductory role of the home page but places the design firmly within the larger navigational interface and graphic context of the site.' To that I'd add the importance of designing and creating your home page copy last. From experience writing hundreds, the best homepages evolve like that.

Your homepage – the last page you should write

Although it may seem counterintuitive, your homepage should be the last page that you write. Effective websites are designed and built from the bottom up. If organic search (read 'Google') is important, the site structure, including navigation and page content should be based on systematic competition research, keyword research and planning of page keyword sets. One of these sets will be for your homepage.

A conduit from SERPS to your deeper site content

When your website is designed and built correctly, the homepage becomes an effective conduit between your entry in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and content deeper in your site. The consensus of opinion is that it should take no more than three clicks from your homepage to anywhere else on your site.

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Simple, persuasive ideas

All web pages must cater for time-pressured information searchers. But your homepage has to be particularly succinct. If ever there was a place for short sentences and simple, persuasive ideas within quality content, this is it – the page that probably has more functions than any other on your website:

  • Identifying the site (identity)
  • Setting its tone and personality (identity)
  • Helping visitors to understand what your site is about (content focus)
  • Let people start key tasks as soon as possible (navigation and tool)
  • Sending visitors in the right direction (navigation)

Depending on the relative importance of these factors, home page copy will be more per less important. Skim readers won't wait if they don't immediately see what they want. That's why good home pages quickly answer the question 'What will this website do for me?' Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but research shows it's the words on your homepage that visitors look for first.

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Unambiguously explaining what you do

Quoting Lynch and Horton again: 'Too many sites project a strong brand image with logos and bold graphic design and then utterly fail to explain themselves to the new user.' At very least (unless you are one of the world's top brands) you should always put some kind of explanatory comment on your homepage. It may be a single tagline or something more elaborate, but what you say must be unambiguous – another way a skilled copywriter can help you.

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Fractions of a second to differentiate yourself

Given that, and how easy it is to hit a browser's Back button, you have just fractions of a second to accurately and engagingly differentiate yourself. Crafting that vivid but factual description is my challenge when I write content for your homepage.

And I can help...

Whether it's for new WordPress homepage content or you're planning how to change your homepage, let's explore what better homepage content will do for you.

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