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I regularly receive emails asking little more than how much it will cost to write a company profile (or corporate profile). All good and well, but company profiles come in many shapes and sizes, depending on how they are going to be used. What's more, although people often enquire about a company profile, it's clear that what they often mean is a company About Us page, a corporate brochure or something else.

As you have found this page, you are probably looking for information about how to write a good company profile. This might be because you want to have a go at doing it yourself, or because you are looking for someone who can help you. Either way, I hope the following is useful. When you have read this page, you will either feel better able to write your own profile, or more disposed to contact me for help.

And remember, the principles behind how to write a corporate profile are the same, regardless of the business. Knowing how to write an insurance company profile is pretty much the same as knowing how to write a construction company profile; only the details of the businesses are different.

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Company profile for aerospace consultancy business


More on how to write a company profile

How to write a profile for a company starts with an understanding of who you want to write it for and which media you intend to use. The latter could be in one or more of several forms, including the following:

  • Twitter profile
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Corporate leaflet or brochure
  • Specialised corporate profile
  • Website About Us page
  • Press release

Here are a few thoughts on each of these:

How to write a corporate profile (Twitter profile)

This is a classic example of less is more. Your Twitter profile has to capture he essence of you and your business in just a few words that work alongside a powerful profile image. Understanding the message you want to communicate is only part of the challenge. Next, you have to condense this information down to a couple of sentences. That's where the time goes – not in physically writing the copy.

A typical Twitter profile

Your 'corporate profile' on LinkedIn

You can find specific information about writing a LinkedIn profile elsewhere on the website. It's worth saying now that this is another type of profile that clients sometimes refer to as a company profile or corporate profile. It can be a lot longer than a Twitter profile, but it's role is similar: to clearly promote what makes you and your organisation different.

A corporate leaflet

Another type of promotional device that prospective clients are often thinking about when they ask about a 'corporate' or 'company' profile, is a small (or not so small) corporate brochure. This can range from a double-sided A5 leaflet, through the standard six-panel DL tri-fold leaflet to an eight or 12-page corporate brochure.

In each case, the challenge is to combine an exposition of the corporate features and benefits, values, products and services and company information. Too often, this is done in a disconnected way, rather than linking everything together in a logical progression – often combining the corporate 'story' with a strong selling message. As with all collateral, the objective of a brochure-style 'corporate profile' should be to lead the reader through from start to finish.

Corporate profile leaflet for chauffeur business

A specialised corporate profile document

Unlike a leaflet or brochure, a pure corporate profile document is a less overtly 'salesy' publication. The example shown below was a corporate profile for Ghanaian construction materials business NAACHIAA. A list of the section headings indicates the classic corporate profile content – it's a good indicator of what to write in a company profile:

  • About us
  • Capabilities (by sector)
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Contact details

Corporate brochure copywriter for NAACHIAA

There's actually no single universal format for the content of a corporate profile. This will be determined by the purpose of the profile and its target readership.  A broader summary of guideline content that might be included includes the following:

  • Who you are
  • Mission statement
  • Leader’s statement
  • General business overview (the products and services you focus on)
  • Main customer groups
  • Key organisational locations
  • Company history
  • Key business milestones
  • Important awards and certifications such as ISO 9000
  • Profiles of key personnel
  • Corporate governance information
  • Corporate social responsibility statement
  • Company culture
  • Financial performance (if publicly traded)

The finished corporate profile may be distributed as an electronic document or as a highly finished hard-copy document.

A website corporate profile

Any of the above documents can easily be converted to PDF format for download from the company website. Alternatively (or additionally), certain website pages lend themselves to a corporate profile. I'm thinking here of the About us page, where you, the website owner, have the opportunity to talk shamelessly about yourself, rather than primarily about what you can do for customers. Of course, any hard-copy or online profile is a great platform for subtly promoting your organisation's offer. Here's the About me page from my website.


A press-release corporate profile

Another type of document that prospective clients have in mind when they ask about how to write a corporate profile is a press release that includes a company profile.

The danger with this is that a straightforward profile that sings the praises of your company is rarely going to be of interest to editors. Why? Because the profile is an inherently promotional document and what editors really want is a strong story. 

But that doesn't mean that there isn't a place for the profile in a press release. Even if it doesn't form part of the main body of the release, a brief company profile can still be included in the attached editor's notes.

And here's something else – a quick story. Years ago, when I was working in packaging, the owner of the business was invited to do an interview for a company-profile piece in Onboard Containers International. That's when knowing how to write a business profile came into its own. Rather than just doing a telephone interview, I offered to write the profile. The magazine loved the idea; I enjoyed doing it and at the end, my boss was thrilled, because of the size if the profile we got and how big and important it made us look alongside all his contacts in the Sheet Convertors Association.


Your next step towards a stunning company profile

So you still want a corporate profile or business profile? Which of the examples I've given above is closest to what you want for your business? Or do you have something different in mind?

Whatever you need, knowing how to do a company profile needs a bit more initial thinking and planning than you might imagine. If you now feel more confident doing it yourself, well, that's great.

If however, after reading this, you're still asking yourself 'How do I write a company profile?', it may be that some professional help would be a good idea. That's why we should have a chat – the real question may not be so much about 'How do I write a company profile?' as about 'Who should I hire to help me write my company profile?' And that's what I do for you.


Your initial no-obligation consultation is free, If you're in the UK or EU, please call me on 01242 520573 or email me


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