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Well-written marketing brochure copy does more than just explain your product or service. It takes the reader on a logical journey that starts with your key proposition and culminates in a powerful call to action. Along the way it conveys benefits and shows potential customers how you can meet their needs…

If you know you need brochure copywriting but don't have the time, specialist skills or inclination to do the writing yourself, I can help.

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More on choosing a marketing brochure writer

Marketing brochures are widely used in B2B and B2C marketing. In fact, they can be almost any document designed to sell or persuade in a marketing context. Marketing brochures range from a small marketing leaflet to the elaborate brochures associated with consumer or capital goods, or even professional services. My own marketing brochure examples include work for hotels, security equipment, engineering equipment and flooring.

A marketing brochure is only limited by your imagination

Depending on your needs, your marketing brochure could be a thick product brochure or a simple leave-behind for your field sales force to use. Or it could be a glossy brochure posted as hard copy or downloadable as a PDF brochure from your website. Marketing brochure formats, which range across A4, folded A4, A5 and custom shapes and sizes, are only limited by your imagination and budget.

Depending on your resources, the brochure may be designed and printed in house, Often, however, and particularly for more elaborate brochures, it will be professionally produced and printed by an independent agency specialising in marketing brochure design (but they’ll still need a copywriter!).

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Anatomy of typical automotive marketing brochures

Car brochures fall into the marketing brochure category. Typically, they are lifestyle-led brochures supported by detailed technical specifications and other information. Taking a recent 32-page Hyundai i30 consumer brochure as an example, here’s the structure of a typical marketing brochure:

  1. Cover.
  2. Introduction of key ‘It’s good to be different’ proposition.
  3. Style.
  4. Driving experience.
  5. Protection.
  6. Capabilities.
  7. Quality.
  8. Technology.
  9. Interior space.
  10. Different equipment levels.
  11. Accessories.
  12. Colours, trim and dimensions.
  13. Specifications.
  14. Technical data.
  15. Peace of mind reassurance (5-year warranty details).
  16. Contact details and environmental information.

Persuasive from start to finish

Being focused on persuasion, your marketing brochure should be an extremely positive document. Unlike a case study, which may include details of a teething troubles (and how they were successfully overcome) to add credibility, it’s a celebration of positive messages.

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Marketing brochures start with clear audience understanding

As with any marketing communication, brochure marketing begins with a clear understanding of your audience’s requirements and typically requires you to do the following:

  • Understand the role of marketing brochures in your sales process and its relationship to other marketing materials.
  • Know what your reader wants.
  • Motivate readers to look inside (fresh marketing brochure ideas can help).
  • Organise selling points and relate them to your main proposition.
  • Include a strong contents page (especially if the brochure is longer than 8 pages). Make it easy for the reader to find what they need.
  • Write engaging product descriptions.
  • Make the reader want to keep the brochure.
  • Be creative with sizes and shapes.
  • Personalise the brochure (write as if speaking to an individual).
  • Build atmosphere to help readers imagine the user experience.
  • Focus on readers’ needs (sell with clear benefits).
  • Include a call to action (often omitted in marketing brochures).


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Do you have the time to write your own brochure copy?

It all sounds simple doesn’t it. But do you really have the specialist writing skills, the time or the inclination to write your own marketing brochure content? If you’re an agency, you’ll understand the advantages of hiring convenient, flexible freelance writing resource. The same applies if you’re the end-user who wants to design a marketing brochure yourself, You’ll still need persuasive content to accompany your design. That’s where a freelance writer can help you get copywriting off your to-do list and working in the marketplace &8211; while you focus on what you do best for your business…

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