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7 top blogging tips tips for chauffeurs

If you are a professonal executive chauffeur who wants to really engage with prospective clients and the search engines, you need to be blogging and sharing useful content on social media. In this article, I share some of the professional blogging tips and tricks that I use. I'll encourage you to make more of your blogging and I've even included suggested topics to inspire you...

Phones, tablets and notebooks enable professional chauffeurs to blog on the road...


Mark Zuckerberg gets me thinking
about content marketing books

I was catching up on a bit of BBC Radio 4 comedy  recently. The Now Show is another great piece of BBC radio satire that I usually listen to while driving up the M5 on a Friday evening. This was an episode that I'd missed, but as usual from Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, it was hilarious – especially when they referenced Mark 'Facebook' Zuckerberg's recent blog confession by saying that Zuckerberg had 'discovered a new piece of analogue technology – books'. Read more here

Books about cvontent marketing & strategy


Copywriting book recommendation by
Swedish copywriter Ronja Gustafsson

Also in Norway, we met Ronja Gustafsson, a Stockholm copywriter and PR specialist. On her copywriting blog I noticed that she’d read and recommended The Idea Writers by Teressa Iezzi. Read more here...

karoline and al at quality hotel waterfront.

Helping to fight food waste in Norway…

While in Norway recently, I used my copywriting skills to help an Ålesund hotel fight food waste in their buffet restaurant. Read more here...

karoline and al at quality hotel waterfront.


Guest blogger on Shetland website…

While up on Shetland last week, I was invited to write a guest blog post for organic sheep, beef and wool producer Uradale Farm, near Scalloway. Read more here...

copywriter at work in shetland


Copywriting history repeats itself in Shetland…

It’s funny how history repeats itself – and how we often find ourselves in the right place at the right time to do good for a worthwhile cause. Five years ago, I was down in Devon when I saw the NDAA’s press appeal for help with heir website and copywriting...

This time, I was at the opposite end of the UK, enjoying a break with my wife’s family in Shetland. We’d stopped in Hillswick, en route to Esha Ness, when we met Jan Bevington, who runs the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary. Guess what happened next? Read more here...

When copy theft comes too close to home

Until recently, copy theft (plagiarism) was something that only ever happened to other people out on the Web. Sure, I’d read about it happening and know the basics of copyright law, but it had never struck close to home for me. Now it has, and a recent experience has shown how you can get redress when someone steals your carefully crafted words. Read more here...

My copy was stolen from this Cheltenham landscaper's website

Back in the newsletter-copywriting
saddle again for the NDAA

A couple of years ago, I ended a successful pro bono writing relationship with the North Devon Animal Ambulance (NDAA). I felt that we’d progressed their newsletter writing considerably and they had the local resources to take up the reins and enter the next stage. And besides, I had other commitments closer to home.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned for the NDAA newsletter. For various reasons, the writing and design slipped back to where it had been when I originally took over. In spring 2012 I was asked to get involved again. Read more about my latest newsletter writing for the NDAA...

newsletter copywriter for the north devon animal ambulance

Newsletter writer/editor for
Neighbourhood Watch

In 2011 I set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme for our street. Naturally, we have a simple (occasional) newsletter and it wasn’t long before the Cheltenham Neighbourhood Watch team asked if I’d help with their newsletter too. My answer, of course, was yes. Read more about my Neighbourhood Watch newsletter writing and editing...


Featured on the Gloucestershire
Media Group blog

Thank you to Rachael and her colleagues at GMG for featuring me in their blog during May 2011. Read the interview here...

Screenshot of entry in GMG blog.


Annual review and planning meeting – 2011

The biggest multinationals do it and so does Al Hidden, Gloucestershire Copywriter. Going off site for an annual review and marketing strategy meeting is a great way to gain fresh perspective on where your business has been. And where it's going in the coming year. Read more...


ASA breaks important news for online
marketers and their copywriters

January 2011 brought news with important implications for website copywriters and their clients in Gloucestershire and across the UK in the form of a recent Advertising Standards Association's announcement. From 1 March 2011, the ASA's online remit will cover marketing communications (MarComms) on organisation's own websites. Our understanding is that it will also cover other non-paid-for space that organisations control, including social networking sites and blogs. Read more...

Gloucestershire Copywriter blog launched

It was inevitable. It just took a bit longer to get around to than I planned. The Al Hidden Gloucestershire Copywriter blog is now live. That's even more writing to do...

screenshot from the Al Hidden Gloucestershire Copywriter blog.


Last newsletter for the NDAA

All good things come to an end. After nearly four years' writing for the North Devon Animal Ambulance, I've decided to move on and wish this wonderful charity every success in the future.

Copywriters Gloucestershire: NDAA newsletter.


Season's Greetings 2009–10

With Al Hidden Copywriter now into its fourth successful year, I took the opportunity of the festive season to write an occasional newsletter, offering season's greetings and thanks to clients and other contacts for their support and interest in the business. I also included a couple of recommendations that might come in useful during the year ahead. Why not? I always aim to give my clients a bit more than they expect....

Copywriters Cheltenham: Occasional newsletter from Al Hidden Copywriter.

Download the newsletter in PDF format (364Kb)

In the news

As a hard-working Cheltenham copywriter, it's always good to get some extra PR exposure.

Gloucestershire Echo and Gloucester Citizen 'My Day' column.

Another appearance in the Gloucestershire Echo and Gloucester Citizen highlighted my ongoing work as a busy Cheltenham based technical copywriter serving local (and national) businesses. This time it was a feature highlighting a typically busy day for a freelance copywriter.

Copywriters Cheltenham: Al Hidden copywriter appears in the Echo and Citizen again.


The NDAA website goes live and
we make the North Devon Gazette again

After months of hard work, the new website was up and running. To promote it, we got together with the NDAA team for a North Devon Gazette photo shoot.

Copywriters Cheltenham: Al Hidden at the North Devon Gazette photoshoot.

From left to right: Pauline Bussell (NDAA Chair), Guy Murray and
Jody Styles (Net Tecs Internet Solutions), Diana Lewis (NDAA) and
Al Hidden, copywriter with Misty, the NDAA's mascot at the time.
(Picture courtesy of the North Devon Gazette)


It was through the North Devon Gazette that Net Tecs Internet Solutions and I got involved with the NDAA. How appropriate then that the project launch was celebrated with a fantastic spread on page four of the North Devon Gazette (24 October 2007).

Al Hidden, Gloucestershire Copywriter, in the North Devon Gazette.

Read more about my website and PR copywriting for the North Devon Animal Ambulance (NDAA)


Appearance in the Gloucestershire Echo
and Gloucester Citizen

Another article in the Gloucestershire Echo and Gloucester Citizen newspapers highlighted my work as a Cheltenham based copywriter. The 'What's in my drawers?' column gets local business people to reveal the contents of their office drawers.

Al Hidden, Cheltenham copywriter appears in the Echo and Citizen.



'Homeopathy, the Cotswold way'

As a society, it seems, we've never been so well disposed to the attractions of holistic alternative therapies. And with this thirst for the new, there remains a strong resistance from the establishment. I recently spent a day exploring homeopathy at the grass roots with a busy Gloucestershire and Wiltshire homeopath


Where is Mr Hidden hiding?

MBV's Astrid Finne

In August 2006, on the eve of the first anniversary of my father's untimely death, my wife Jan and I travelled from Gloucestershire to western Sweden and stepped aboard the sail training ship Astrid Finne to celebrate one man's contribution to Swedish sailing. MORE >>

Five days on Öckerö

Sunset from H�n�

In 1953, a sultry young Harriet Andersson skinny-dipped her way into Swedish film history in the seminal Ingmar Bergman classic, Sommaren Med Monika. An ultimately tragic melodrama about impulsive Monika and her quiet boyfriend Harry as they escape from the cares of city life and explore the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago, the beauty of Bergman's black and white classic came to mind as we pedalled a pair of old Skeppshult bicycles down Hönö's sleepy lanes. MORE >>


bell 212: picture by al hidden gloucestershire copywriter

Gloucestershire, UK based freelance copywriter Al Hidden details case-studies that show how, despite being among the safest aircraft in their class, light helicopters still present many hazards to the unwary or careless during boarding and disembarkation MORE >>




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