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So you want to outsource your copywriting?

As an experienced Gloucestershire copywriter, I can help. If you’re like most of my clients, you’re looking for a copywriter because you don’t have the time, the specialist skills or the inclination to create the written content you need.

If you’re based in the UK or the European Community, we should talk, because I specialise in creating engaging marketing, technical, website and PR copy for organisations like yours… I’ll help you get copywriting off your to-do list so it can work hard for you in print or online…

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More about outsourcing copywriting

First of all, I’d like to ask you about your expectations from outsourcing your copy. Are you simply looking for the cheapest possible written content? If so, that’s fine, but I must warn you about the dangers and say from the start that this isn’t my thing. I don’t do ’10 website pages for $50’ or whatever the online copy mills are offering these days. If that’s all you can afford, I’ll save your time, count myself out now and allow you to find a copywriter elsewhere. But just before you go…

Don’t be seduced by cheap outsourced copywriting

Cheap outsourced copy may be tempting, especially when you’re on a budget. But will it really be good, well-written, effective copy? Chances are that it won’t. That’s because lots of outsourced copy is produced by ‘writers’ with a poor grasp of English and a limited understanding of marketing and business. And of course, when they have to churn out content they simply won’t have the time to create copy that will serve you well into the future. What’s more (if you are wanting to outsource website or SEO copywriting), Google’s regular algorithm updates put more emphasis than ever on quality copy that reads well and relevant to your readers. In short, copywriting that is valuable to your site visitors – and you don’t get that for peanuts!

Great value copywriting

My approach is different. It clearly works because most of my writing is repeat business for a loyal following of regular clients and customers who come to me on recommendation. They understand that if you’re going to outsource copywriting, cheap is rarely the best. Instead, they prefer to entrust their copy to an experienced writer who offers great value. I’ve never been accused of overcharging and my clients enjoy levels of customer service that no offshore copy mill can possibly offer. So can you.

Forget ‘bid’ sites for your copywriting

I’ve had clients come to me after outsourcing copy overseas. They’ve paid more, but they’ve got much more in return. The same applies with bidding sites such as Elance. As a matter of principle I don’t bid on these sites. Copywriting isn’t a commodity that you can buy on price alone. What’s more, I’ve heard too many stories about clients who have put work out to these sites, got dirt cheap prices, but then been let down and disappointed. That’s when they came back to their regular suppliers for outsourced copy, graphic design or other creative services… like mine.

Copy when needed – without the permanent overhead

What’s more, by outsourcing copywriting, you can hire writing power ‘by the hour’ when you need it – without the costly overhead of a full-time staff writer. You can pick and choose among specialist skills (such as my web/SEO, technical and PR writing capability) too.

And even if you can write copy yourself, I’m sure you understand why outsourcing can be so useful. If you’ve ever tried to find a couple of hours for creative thinking and copywriting amid the hustle and bustle of a busy marketing department, you’ll know what I mean. Wouldn’t it be a much better use of your time to outsource your copy to someone who specialises in writing, does it all day long, and doesn’t face the distractions that you face. That’s me – and while I get on with what I do best, you can concentrate on the business tasks where your unique contribution is most valuable.

More reasons to outsource your copy to me

There endeth the sermon. If you’re in any doubt about the quality of the work that I do, please look at the portfolio material that you can view on or from my website. This isn’t copywriting that you can buy for a few pounds, but it’s copywriting that will help you define and differentiate your organisation. Copy that will engage, persuade and sell to your customers and prospective customers.

When you outsource your copywriting to me, you get much more than just a man and a word processor, a scribe or a wordsmith. I’ve come to freelance copywriting after a varied career in sales, marketing management, technical writing, copywriting and PR. When you entrust your copy to me you automatically benefit from that experience and knowledge. I wonder when you’ll contact me to harness that experience and knowledge for your organisation?

Versatility and reliability

You get my versatility and flexibility too, the ability to write you engaging original copy on a wide range of topics: from automotive engineering to meditation; aerospace to animal welfare. And you get the reliability that means your copy deadline will be met. It’s what I’ve built my reputation as a freelance copywriter on since 2006.

Take the next step towards outsourcing your copywriting

Whatever your reasons for wanting to outsource copywriting, I’d like to show you what I can do for you and your organisation

Please contact me.

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