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Depending who you speak with, it's estimated that PR coverage in the media is worth as much as five times the equivalent column inches in paid-for advertising.

With so many opportunities available to promote yourself through the written word (online and in printed media), it's a shame not to take advantage of such an effective alternative (or complement) to advertising.

But what if writing in general, and PR writing in particular, isn't your forte? Or if you simply don't have the time to do your own PR writing? You could hire a PR agency, but that can be expensive, especiually if they insist on you being on a retainer and day-rate arrangement. For small organisations, or those with only an occasional need for PR writing, a retained agancy can prove costly.

That's where I come in, as your freelance PR content writer when you need copy, but not when you don't (your accountant should like that too).

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PR content writer for cheltenham chauffeur business

When Cheltenham-based Azure Chauffeur Driven Luxury Cars had the opportunity of a piece in The Cheltenham Standard it made sense for me to do the writing while owner-chauffeur David Keffler kept on doing what he does best – driving.

More on hiring your PR content writer

So how will you use the skills  and experience of a PR content writer to promote your organisation? Having worked in PR (in-house and in a specialist technical PR agency) I'm perfectly positioned to help when you don't have the time, the specialist PR content writing skills, or the inclination to write things such as the following:

  • Press releases
  • Online press releases (e.g. for PRWeb)
  • Customer case studies ('success stories')
  • Trade press articles
  • Newsletter content
  • Bylined articles
  • Think pieces
  • Feature articles
  • Company profiles

Armed with one or more of these PR content pieces, you can promote your business through the local, national or even international press as well as online PR media such as Google News and the aforementioned PRWeb service.

NOTE: although I have done so in the past, I don't currently offer a PR media relations service or article placement – I just do the PR writing.)

Choosing a suitable PR content writer

Firstly, it's vital to choose a PR content writer who is familiar with PR writing and the broader world of PR. This is important because writing for PR demands different skills to other areas of business writing – not least the ability to write for editorial content which must be driven by a fact-based story, not just a sales message.

Too often, inexperienced 'PR content writers' simply rehash overtly salesy material. This is almost always a mistake and will quickly be seen through by any editor or journalist worth their salt. Rather than a self-serving sales message, editors are always on the lookout for a genuinely newsworthy story or feature piece that will engage and resonate with their target readership.

As an experienced PR person who now writes a much wider range of copy, I can help you craft the PR content that you need. If necessary, I can even use my experience to help choose a suitable topic to write about.

Is PR content writing really the best use of your time and skills?

You've got enough pressing business tasks on your plate without having to worry about wrestling with PR content writing. And even if you can write, as a busy manager or company owner, is PR writing really the best use of your valuable time – I'll bet your hourly rate is higher than mine!

How about letting me take your brief and do what I do day in and day out. To arrange your no-obligation initial consultation, please call me on 01242 520 573 or email me


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