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A skilled product description writer delivers compelling, well-written product descriptions with unique search-engine optimised content. Well-written product pages are essential to maximise the success of your ecommerce website – and to avoid falling foul of Google’s farmers, pandas and penguins.

As an experienced web and SEO copywriter, I can help when you haven't the time, specialist skills or inclination to write (or rewrite if you've been caught out by Google's changes) your own product descriptions. If that's you, we should talk...

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Copywriter for Lovarzi product page

In technical writing, descriptions often take the form of neutral, objective, unemotive content that progresses from the general to the specific. Part of the skill of the technical content writer is to accurately determine the depth and style of description required. This is based on the purpose of the writing, which in turn is led by the intended reader. Although appearing easy to write, many authors have found descriptions in technical writing difficult. Without the help of a professional product description writer, things aren’t much different in business writing.

Writing product descriptions is hard enough if you only have a few products. But if you have dozens, or hundreds, of products that are different, but actually very similar, the challenge becomes even harder and potentially time consuming.

This was the case with a major website rewrite for Ted Todd Hardwood Floors where I was tasked to rewrite dozens of descriptions, in the brand tone of voice, while communicating product differentiators that often came down to colour or historical variations on a similar style of flooring (for instance, herringbone floors or planks). And of xourse, the pressure was on for the new website to go live...

product description writer for the flooring industry 

gloucestershire product description writer for ted todd hardwood floors


Product description for ecommerce sites

The same applies for the dozens of product descriptions I've written from scratch or and rewritten for Gloucestershire-based affordable watch and watch strap brand Geckota. Many of their products are unique and therefore lend themselves to creative product descriptions that emphasise the brand and product differentiators.

However, in many cases (for instance with rubber watch straps), Geckota's collection features many very similar straps, or colour variations on watch dials. Additionally, other manufacturers and retailers offer, for instance, 'orange rubber diver's straps'. In some cases, these are made by the same factory that Geckota's Zuludiver brand uses. In such a scase, my challenge as product description writer is to pique the interest of visitors to Geckota's WatchGecko site, communicate the features and benefits of each product and do so in a way that is unique to Geckota. Here's one I wrote earlier...


Product description writer for watch straps and watches


When writing for commercial applications such as ecommerce sites, these principles still apply to the work of the product description copywriter. But now there may be the added challenge that we’re often writing about products that aren’t unique to our site. And of course, product description copywriters must also write for SEO (as I did for BigGreenApple and Cotswolds-based Powder Cashmere).

product description writer for BigGreenApple

Necklace product description for Powder Cashmere

Characteristics of a good product description

A skilled product description writer writes product descriptions with the following characteristics:

  • They’re unique to your website (no plagiarised content).
  • They're thoroughly researched.
  • They’re engaging and to the point.
  • They avoid lazy clichés and unnecessary jargon.
  • They’re ‘you-focused’ rather than self-serving.
  • Features lead into benefits
  • They feature well-researched SEO keywords and phrases
  • They read naturally for human readers
  • The grammar and punctuation are correct.
  • Tone of voice is appropriate (‘on-brand’)
  • They give enough information to make a purchase decision
  • Your target readership can understand them.
  • They are factually accurate.
  • They include a clear call to action

Chain & Earrings product description for Powder Cashmere

A cautionary word about manufacturers’ product descriptions

A word of caution about using manufacturers’ own descriptions. Remember that other sites will probably use this text too, so there are real risks of duplicate content. If you must do so, you could feature it as a graphic that won’t be seen by the search engines, supported by original unique copy. Or you could reword it sufficiently thoroughly that it won’t be identified for what it is. Best of all is to ask your SEO content writer to research the product and creatively write a completely unique description from scratch. This can be complemented by the inclusion of inherently-unique customer reviews.

product description writer category page content

Invest in quality product-descriptions

Writing good product descriptions is time consuming and can be difficult for a DIY product description writer, especially with so many other business tasks to deal with. Although it may seem tempting, please avoid the temptation of hiring a cheap website content writer who doesn’t have English as their first language (or an understanding of your market). It simply isn’t worth it: your products and brands deserve a more professional SEO product description service.

Product description writer for Hofbauer (client: Great Position!)

I can help

As a freelance product description writer, that’s where I can help you. While I get product description writing off your to-do list, you can get on with what you do best for your business. We both concentrate on what we do best and you’re a double winner!

To learn more, please call 01242 520 573 or email me.


Al Hidden, Gloucestershire product description writer


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