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Are you looking for a property copywriter for your estate agency, letting agency or similar property-related business? My work for Cheltenham-based premium estate agents Elliot Oliver wasn't my first foray into this field. And it wasn't boring either, as my first three assignments show. As ever, I was able to help my client get vital business copywriting off their to-do list, get words working harder for them and free up the team's time for doing what they do best from their Promenade offices.

If a property copywriter would help your business I can help. Especially if you haven't' the time, specialist skills or the inclination to do your own wordsmithing.

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More about copywriting for Elliot Oliver

Elliot Oliver isn't like any estate agent I've ever encountered before. It might be their distinctive branding or the fact that they have Cheltenham's first (and only?) property bar in their Promenade offices. And there's definitely something special about owner Oliver Bishop's personality-packed team...

I was called in when they realised that they wanted their new website's copy to work harder, to focus more on what they could do for sales and letting clients. And then there were the team's personal profiles. They weren't 'bad' before I got involved, just a bit bland and similar to every other estate agent's copy. And Oliver wanted something better – something that would properly reflect the team's unique personalities.

So I settled in at the EO offices for a couple of hours one Tuesday and 'interviewed' Oliver and his colleagues about their approach to property, their interests, unique differentiators and even their taste in sport and music. Based on our conversations, I was able to rewrite the six personal profiles and delivered fresh, sparkling copy within a few days.

Allied to the personal profiles, I rewrote the other main pages on the site, made them more active, reader centric and benefit-led. I drew attention to their unique differentiators too, including sections where they make a big thing of their enlightened approach to property photography and description writing.

And then there's Elliot Oliver's new suite of postal mailers. These could have been very dry and uninspiring, just like so many of the estate agency flyers that come through your door with the takeaway menus and garden maintenance offers. Oliver didn't want that, so I gave them something different. They loved it!

Everyone's a winner

My involvement with Elliot Oliver began with a free review of their website copy and has developed into a lot more. They're a busy team, so I've been careful to use their input efficiently. Then I've got on with what I do best while they do the same. I've written and they've focused on property. Everyone's a winner, especially Elliot Oliver's fortunate clients. Here's what Oliver Elliott was kind enough to say in a LinkedIn recommendation:

At my request Al reviewed my existing website copy which I was not completely happy with. I was given constructive and honest feedback to improve it but not completely overhaul it and Al took the time to come and meet me in person, discuss what I was after and actually see the business and the people himself. I was so impressed with the quality of his work and the time in which he delivered it in. I have had comments already from people on how much they like our Meet the Team page, check out his work for yourself at I can without hesitation highly recommend your work.

Your property copywriter next?

If you are in property and would like some help with your website or hard-copy writing we should have a chat. Even if you can write, is it really the best use of your time (at your hourly rate too)? I'd love to do more estate agency work, so we should have a chat.

Please call me on 01242 520 573 or email me

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