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Your web designer is screaming for SEO copy to complete your new website – without it, the site won't go live! Maybe you know you need SEO copy, but don't feel confident writing it. Or, you've got a nagging feeling that your existing website isn't pulling its weight in Google's search engine results pages. As an experienced SEO copywriter based in Gloucestershire I bring years of SEO writing experience for clients like you. My SEO copy works – you found me!

SEO copywriting services since 2006

You urgently need high-quality SEO copy for your website or blog. Unfortunately, you just don't have the time or specialised SEO writing skills to do it yourself. After all, it's got to be well-written, human and search-engine friendly. I can help. Since going freelance in 2006 (and before that), I've researched and written engaging copy for hundreds of SEO pages (probably thousands to be honest – I've been too busy writing for clients to keep count) that humans find useful and relevant and search engines find irresistible.

Helping you harness the power of Google

So how can I help you be more successful in online search? We should talk, because I help words work harder for your human site visitors and the search engines...

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SEO copywriter for AUDI VW Specialist Centre website

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As a skilled, experienced SEO copywriter based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, I've done my '10,000 hours' (and the rest) in the art and craft of SEO writing. I write for website pages, articles, blogs, e-commerce product descriptions and online PR on subjects as diverse as engineering, watches, aerospace, construction and travel. Above all, I use my skill and experience to craft the words that you (or your clients) don't want to (or can't) write. I take your copywriting problem away and get SEO copy off your to-do list and out in the market where it can work hard for you – while you get on with building your business...

Who do I write SEO copy for?

Organisations like yours: here are some of the organisations that already benefit from my professional SEO copywriting skills:

I can help with writing web copy for you too

Not just 'web copy', but well-crafted SEO copy, where every page, article, blog post or product description is properly structured, uses SEO keywords and key-phrases naturally, and has the required tone of voice.

If I could show you how to improve your SEO copy, you'd want my help wouldn't you? Not all 'SEO copywriters' write effectively for humans and search engines. Sadly, 'content mills' and keyword crammers still exist.

Are you an SEO specialist, a website developer/designer who understands search-friendly web design, or a site owner who simply wants to do better in Google? If so, we should talk...

Let's talk about your SEO copy requirement


SEO copywriter for Geckota Ltd


Well-written SEO copy helps organic search

If you know the keywords people use to find your site (or your client's) you need to write content and build an effective 'net' of pages around discrete page-keyword sets to succeed in organic search.
Sure, you could put your trust Pay Per Click (PPC), such as Google AdWords, but that only works while you keep pouring money into it. And of course, we know that only a small percentage of site visits come from paid ads. One of the reasons for this is that web searchers are naturally suspicious of paid-for search results.

SEO copywriting is a great investment in your website

On the other hand, because it attracts organic (i.e. FREE) search results, professionally-crafted SEO-copywritten pages are an investment in your online presence. As you build up that net of pages featuring good SEO copywriting, you cumulatively increase the ability of your site to attract organic search results...
SEO copywriting isn't the be-all-and-end-all of search engine optimisation, but it's an important component that many people overlook when they build a site or have one designed and built.

SEO and Website copywriter for Anstee Coil Technology

What kind of SEO writing do you need?

Fortunately, though they can never fully compensate for poorly designed and structured website architecture, my SEO writing services can help with copywriting such as the following:

SEO blog post writer for travel industry

What will I do for you?

A typical SEO copywriting assignment starts with a thorough briefing. My objective is always to deliver the best possible copy for you, not necessarily the largest amount of copy, or the most pages, for me to write.
So, if you hadn't already thought about getting some professional SEO input, I may recommend that you seek the advice of a trusted search engine optimisation specialist, probably one of the following:
  • Graham Baylis, Serendipity Online Marketing (Hereford)
  • Andy Ocock, Above The Fold (Cheltenham
  • Darren Moloney, All Things Web (Swindon)
After they've done their research into the online search environment for your business, identified keywords and allocated them to discrete page-keyword sets, I get to work.

SEO specialist Serendipity Onmline Marketing

Everything starts with a thorough fact-finding interview

First, I'll conduct a thorough fact-finding interview with you to understand your business and brand in the context of each SEO page I'll be writing. Ideally, this will be face-to-face if you're in Gloucestershire or surrounding counties. If you are further away it will usually be a phone or Skype interview.
Next, for each researched page topic, I'll write suitable SEO copy to engage human visitors as well as appealing to search engines such as Google. Expect this to include the following:
  • A strong headline
  • Powerful introductory paragraphs summarising your key message(s) for the page. Website visitors will scroll down beyond the fold, but I like to get key messages in quickly at the top of the page.
  • A top call to action.
  • A longer section expanding on the topic. This is for site visitors who want to read more. It enables a sufficiently high word count to carry a set of keywords and phrases without 'keyword stuffing' – did you know that Google often likes longer pages. This also allows your page to include enough content to show Google that yours is a serious website page for the topic. The days of 'thin content' and 100 words of copy are gone. Provided SEO copy is well-written, useful and relevant, Google likes to see more rather than less – 700–1000 words is a recommended minimum these days.
  • By the way, if you want a minimalist 'copy light' look to your page, you can achieve this with brief copy introductions leading to linked user-revealed copy. Your website developer can create this architecture. Alternatively, it often makes sense to link to separate pages that expand on your main page topic – ideally, written around a unique headword/phrase and complementary keywords and key phrases.
  • Placement of primary and subsidiary keywords within natural copy. By including subheads, bulleted lists and judicious bold text, good readability (the user experience) is delivered and keywords can be embedded at points that indicate their importance to Google.
  • As well as writing for SEO, each page will be structured using the proven copywriting principles of AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action). How about a dash of social proof too, in the form of a mini case study or customer recommendation?
  • At the end of the copy, a strong secondary call to action leads page visitors to your Contact page.

SEO copywriter for engineering (Evoke Supplies screenshot)

Thinking about doing your own SEO copywriting?

Let me ask you again, do you really have the time or specialised SEO copy writing skills to turn keywords and key-phrases into content that your prospective human customers and search engines will love? If you fancy a go, here are some recommended reference sources that may help you:

  • Letting Go of the Words by Janice (Ginny) Redish
  • Hot Text by Jonathan and Lisa Price
  • Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso
  • Killer Web Content by Gerry McGovern
  • Nicely Said by Nicole Fenton & Kate Kiefer Lee

Writing SEO copy isn't as easy as people think

That said, writing good SEO copy (copy that reads naturally for humans and is effective with the search engines) is not as easy as it sounds – and it takes time to do well.
I've often seen senior managers struggle for weeks and months to write a few pages of SEO copy before calling me in and getting the job done in a few days. I'll bet that, whether you're an SEO services provider, an SME owner-manager or a marketing manager, you've got lots of other important things to do. Your hourly rate is probably higher than mine too...

I write while you get on with other business tasks

As you probably know, even if you can write copy, hiring a specialist SEO copywriter often makes sense for you or your clients.
Just as I do for Essex-based freight forwarders, Barrington Freight, I write while you get on with other business activities that only you can do. As an experienced UK copywriter with SEO skills, I can help you – just as my SEO writing already helps other businesses (including SEO experts themselves) who recognise the value of my professional skills.


SEO landing page for road haulage to Germany

Content is king – I'll help you write it

As search engines become more sophisticated, professional SEO writing has never been more important for your website. That's why a skilled copywriter with a solid grounding in marketing and copywriting is essential for effective SEO pages, SEO press release writing and other online content creation...


SEO copywriter for Elliot Oliver Sales & Lettings (website screenshot)

Take the next step

Don't overlook the value of professional SEO copywriters for on-page optimisation that complements search-engine optimised website architecture. What works for organisations such as the ones shown above can also work for yours – as my portfolio shows.
As an experienced SEO copywriter who comes from a conventional copywriting background, I can transform your website copy – and my previous experience in sales, marketing management, technical writing and PR comes free!
Could your content work harder in the search engines? Let's see what I can do for your website copy.
Get more information about my SEO copywriting services and arrange your no-obligation SEO copywriting consultation before your competitor does.


CALL 01242 520 573 or email me


SEO copywriter for Gloucestershire (Al Hidden image)


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