Travel and tourism copywriter

Travel and Tourism copywriter

Are you seeking an expert travel and tourism copywriter? As an experienced copywriter (and seasoned independent traveller) I help when you don’t have the time, specialist skills or inclination to write your own travel copy

Whether you need to sell the appeal of golf holidays, Alpine ski chalets or exciting trips to other wonderful places, I can help. When the Grand Tour meets the demands of brochure or SEO copywriting, a freelance travel copywriter like me, with a passion for independent exploration makes the perfect trip companion.

We should talk, because I’ve got the words, the wanderlust and the travel-worn boots to bring your travel marketing to life…

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More about my travel copywriter service

If you're looking for a skilled travel copywriter to accompany you on your next promotional journey, my skills and experience can help. Maybe you can write your own copy but haven't got the time? Or you don't enjoy writing? Or you simply have too many other tasks to focus on in your large or small travel business.

Such was the case late in 2017 when I was contacted by Oro Tours, a specialist cycling tour company that rapidly required copywriting for a new website: new and rewritten tour itineraries in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia; country pages to set the scene for the tour destinations; several dozen unique hotel descriptions; blog posts; FAQs; and homepage, about us and other copy to fully populate a new website from the ground up. Oh yes, as is so often the case, time was of the essence, there were strict budgets to meet, and the business owners had very clear expectations about the tone of voice they wanted for their brand...


Travel Copywriter for Oro Cycling Tours Country Description Italy
Travel Industry Copywriter Itinerary Writer Germany


My trevel and travel writing experience – your travel business

Whatever your reason for seeking travel and tourism copywriters, it would be worth giving me a call or emailing. As well as being an experienced travel copywriter and travel article writert, I'm also an experienced independent traveller. Here are just a few of the travel destinations I've visited:

  • Switzerland (I've lost count of how many times since 1980)
  • British Columbia and Alberta, Canada
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Cuba
  • Argentina, Chile & Brazil
  • Sweden and Norway
  • Morocco
  • Spain and Portugal (inc. Madeira)
  • France
  • Croatia
  • Italy
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Slovakia
  • Shetland


Experience visiting these destinations, in many cases several times in recent years, also gives me plenty of material (including original photography) for my monthly Travel & Holidays columns in Gloucestershire's The Local Answer magazine, with a circulation approaching 200,000 copies.

It might not be Wanderlust, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine or Condé Nast Traveller, but I take my monthly column very seriously and I'd argue that crafting a 400-word piece that conveys the essence of travel, is as challenging in its own way as crafting a 2000-word in-depth piece for a big-name publication.

Not long ago, my wife and I rode the stunning 70 km long Shimanami Kaido that island-hops between Honshu and Shikoku in Japan. The three-day self-guided cycling tour was a package that we booked with the excellent Hidden Japan Travel within a longer independent visit to Japan. I wrote about it in The Local Answer a year later. Here's what the business owner was kind enough to say when I sent a copy of an article that they didn't know I was planning to write:

'It's great to hear from you and thank you for sending your fantastic article to us...We started Hidden Japan Travel to help travellers see beyond the surface, to get off the beaten path and really experience beautiful parts of Japan - we couldn't be happier because reading your article it's clear that is exactly what you did!'


Holidays and travel writer for The Local Answer magazine

Writing from Essex to Zagreb

From weekending in Zagreb to brochure copywriting for an Essex Guesthouse, I can turn my skills and experience to a wide range of copywriting tasks and styles.


gleneagles guesthouse spread

Different travel copywriting styles

If you want a travel copywriter, one of the things you’ll probably want is an ability to write in one or more distinct styles. This could mean more than just following your house style – it could mean writing with a very distinct tone of voice. I can do that; here are three pieces about one of my favourite towns in central Switzerland, written in the style of an Alaistair Sawday B&B guide, the author F.S Smythe who travelled widely in Switzerland in the 1930s, and a recent Swiss Travel Service brochure:

Alaistair Sawday B&B guide style

Travel copywriter: Zopfgarten image

Martha and Roberto’s beautiful home, Zopfgarten, must have one of the quietest, most peaceful courtyard gardens in Altdorf, Uri. It’s tucked away between the Bahnhofstraße and the Winterberggasse. With its lofty sonnenblumen, chirping songbirds and exquisite mural made from the tiles of an old baker’s oven, it’s a perfect little corner to relax and gaze over the rooftops towards the mountains that flank the Reuss valley after an energetic day by the Urnersee or high on the Bälmetergrat above Haldi ob Schattdorf.

While you enjoy your home from home, this is your own garden terrace right outside the kitchen door of your beautifully modernised self-catering apartment in the ground floor of Martha and Robi’s four-storey house on the edge of Altdorf’s historic centre.

Inside, a modern, beautifully appointed apartment sleeps two in comfort and the fully equipped kitchen encourages your attempts to create Rösti or Aelpler Macaroni. And when you want someone else to take the culinary reins, Zopfgarten is only a few minutes’ walk from the Urner gemütlichkeit – cosiness – of the Restaurant Bar Lehnhof, Hotel Restaurant Goldener Schlüssel or any of the other eateries in Altdorf’s medieval heart.

F.S. Smythe An Alpine Journey style

Travel copywriter: Reusstal image

The wanderweg down from the Oberfeld, at first damp and muddy, became dry and dusty under my walking boots and gradually widened into a narrow road that descended through the sunbaked meadows and summer farmsteads of the Schattdorfer Bergen. As I passed chalets where cats lazed in the afternoon sun, I peered down into the valley. At lunchtime, I’d sat high on the Bälmetergrat and felt the chill of a cooling breeze on the drying sweat of my shirt back.

Catching my breath, I’d revelled in the peacefulness and the beauty of the view down into the shimmering haze to where the cantonal road and the Gotthard railway line competed for arrow-straightness across the flat Reusstal. Now, like a millipedeacross a green baize table top, another Italy-bound Intercity train was speeding southwards. I imagined how, in its dining car, respectably-dressed people were eating and drinking – and to think that only a couple of hours earlier I’d been in a world far removed , in thought at least, from the cares of civilised life.

Contrasts, life is made up of them, but it is not easy to experience greater contrasts than those afforded by a descent from a Swiss mountain into the Swiss valley where supper and a good night’s sleep awaited me at Zopfgarten.

Swiss Travel brochure style

Travel copywriter: Altdorf image


Altdorf is Uri. A microcosm of Switzerland. The town. The Urnersee. The Uri Rotstock, Gitschen and Gross Windgällen. A unique town on the main north-south route through the Alps, Altdorf was first mentioned in 1223 and is now the capital of the central Swiss canton of Uri. It’s a town that manages to successfully combine the modern infrastructure of trans-alpine travel with the historic heritage of Swiss folk hero Wilhelm Tell and his nemesis Gessler.

Altdorf is a cultural town with its Historiches Museum and Haus für Kunst Uri featuring the work of Swiss and other contemporary artists. There’s a beautiful parish church too, and the oldest Capuchin convent in Switzerland (founded in 1581).

Once you have found your way along the Bahnhofstraße from Altdorf’s newly-rebuilt railway station, the town’s attractions are easily reached on foot. The helpful tourist office is in Schützengasse, while the Zeughaus stands just around the corner on the Lehnplatz. Just a few minutes walk away, on Altdorf’s compact market place, stands the world-famous Telldenkmal, the statue of Wilhelm Tell and his son. And every four years, in the town’s William Tell Theatre, the story is retold.

Excursions are easy to Eggberge, a sunny terrace high above Altdorf, or Flüelen, where lake steamers from Lucerne dock at the southern end of the Urnersee. For more ambitious day trips, there are drives across the Gotthard, Klausen or Susten passes, or a train ride along the corkscrewing Gotthard line and through the 15-kilometre long Gotthard tunnel into Italian-speaking Ticino. Altdorf’s reputation as a charming, accessible touring centre is certainly well deserved.

Travel copywriting: website and brochure writing

My first freelance copywriting project was writing travel brochure content for a golf holiday business specialising in Thailand. Being an experienced brochure copywriter, this is an area of copywriting that I want to do more of. Ideally with work that will draw on my travel experience in destinations as diverse as Switzerland, Alaska, Sweden, Norway Canada, Japan and Shetland. You’ll find examples of my travel articles elsewhere on the site.
Travel writing by Al Hidden, Gloucestershire copywriter – the Freedom Golf Tours brochure cover

More recently, following successful website/SEO copywriting for Cheltenham’s Willoughby House Hotel & Apartments, I was invited to rewrite the same company’s printed brochure.
Travel copywriter in Cheltenham – Willoughby House Hotel website screenshot.


Read (and reread) by Dutch visitors to Öckerö, Sweden

One of the best compliments I’ve received was from a Dutch couple who used my article Five days on Öckerö as their holiday guide while exploring Sweden’s west coast. Ariane said: ‘We took your article with us and I enjoyed it very much. I read it 3 times, once at home, the second time when we had just arrived and the third time on the way home.’
Al Hidden Travel Writer Article Example 5 DAys on Öckerö


Travel copywriting – website and SEO copywriting

With the emergence of the web and the increasing importance of writing for the search engines, I’ve written SEO content for several websites ranging from Cornish holiday cottages and a Bristol airport hotel (airport hotels are a notoriously competitive search challenge) to a ski chalet in the French Pyrenees. In each case, the main SEO pages were complemented by a suite of online SEO articles for inbound link generation. With my in-depth knowledge of Switzerland, I could do an equally effective job as travel copywriter for your chalet in Andermatt or Bergün too…
Travel copywriter SEO: Website screenshot for the Chalet Lou Rider website.


And even more recently, Gloucester-based Accessible Travel used my services to improve the SEO copy on their website.

accessible travel copywriter


And SEO consultants Serendipity Online Marketing commissioned this piece, for their client Mountain Kingdoms, which appeared on


SEO article copy for international travel

Bags packed and ready for more travel copywriting…

Because of other commitments as a freelance copywriter, I haven’t done as much travel copywriting as I’d like. That could change, especially if my lieblingsort Switzerland is involved. Whether it’s technical copy, marketing writing or specialised travel copywriting, the principles are the same. And so’s the quality and highly attentive service you’ll get from this experienced Gloucestershire copywriter. Where would you like my words to take your customers?

Let's talk about your travel, tourism or holidays copywriting. Contact your new travel copywriter today


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