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Evoke Supplies

Evoke Supplies is a successful, long-established specialist engineering firm. Operating from several branches in South East England, the company supplies anything from workshop wipes to electric motor rewinds to engineering businesses in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

When they needed copy for a new website, Sam Hemmings of Design Fibre in Stroud was kind enough to recommend my services. Although the Evoke team knows lots about engineering and running businesses, they would probably be the first to admit that crafting words isn't there greatest strength – or the best use of their valuable time.

Entrust your copywriting to a skilled professional.

Instead, they were smart enough to do what many similar engineering businesses do. They entrusted their copywriting to a skilled, experienced professional. After a thorough briefing and fact-finding conversation, I was able to get on with the research and writing while they got on with what they do best – keeping engineering businesses in operation around the world.

Original copy to engage, persuade and inspire

My brief was to create original copy that would engage, inform and persuade prospective customers as well as their existing customer base. And of course, the copy had to engage the search engines such as Google.

Copywriter for engineering supplies

Writing matched to my experience

To this end, I had to write knowledgeably about a wide range of engineering-related topics and products. As well as the usual company profile, home page and news updates, these included the following:

  • Tools, workwear, health and safety
  • Castors and wheels
  • Conveyor equipment and belting
  • Electric motors and gearboxes
  • HVAC filters
  • Adhesives
  • Lubricants
  • Linear motion parts and equipment
  • Bushes and bearing products
  • Seals, O-rings and circlips
  • Power transmission products

This may be a wide-ranging list of subjects, but it's nothing I haven't met during my career in industry (including building products and construction, packaging and aerospace). Some copywriters might find it uninspiring, but I love it. The challenge is drawing out the benefits and differentiators that set a business (Evoke in this case) apart from the competition.

Making engineering topics more interesting

To make the subject matter interesting, I adopted a professionally-friendly conversational tone of voice. And I researched around the subject matter to craft engaging copy such as the following:

On bearings...

During WW2, to support British industry, daring mariners risked their lives crossing the North Sea to collect consignments of prized Swedish ball bearings (kullager) from remote coves on Sweden’s coast. Nowadays, sourcing bearings for your business is much easier. Our customers love how we can identify and procure the most obscure bearings – sometimes when others can’t!

During WW2, ball bearings were smuggled to the UK from Swedish coves like this

And on electric motors and gearboxes...

According to some sources, Scottish monk Andrew Gordon created the first electric motors in the eighteenth century. Since then, the interaction of electric current and magnetic fields has developed into modern industry’s highly efficient motors.

Since launching our business (not in Gordon’s time, we’d add), a speciality has been supplying, maintaining and repairing electric motors and gearboxes. From tiny 0.06kW motors to 1mW workhorses, we know our foot mounts from our flange mountings, EFF2 from EFF and inverter integration. We also make sure we stay current with fast-changing motor-efficiency legislation. That way we can always give you best possible advice…

A better reader experience

It all adds up to a more interesting reader experience, while emphasizing the differentiators that make Evoke Supplies such a powerful force in the international engineering spares market. And of course, it gives the intelligent, well-written, writing around a topic that we know Google loves more than ever.

Evoke Supplies website copy

Do you really have the skills to do your own copywriting?

Is yours an engineering supplies business like Evoke Supplies? Or maybe you run one of the engineering sector companies that Evoke supplies? Either way, do you have to create high-quality online content? And do you have the time, inclination or specialist skills to do this yourself?

Contact me today

If the answer is no, I may be able to help you – just as I helped Evoke Supplies. We should have a chat about your engineering copywriting requirement:

  • Website and SEO copy
  • Online articles
  • Press releases
  • Brochures
  • Case studies

These are just some of the things I do writing for. If words have to work hard for you, I may be able to help.

That's why you should call 01242 520 573 or email me today

Engineering supplies copywriter, Al Hidden


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