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I'm sure you want to get vital website copywriting off your to-do list. Whatever you do, don't let website content creation delays stop your website being updated – or going live in the first place!

As an experienced website copywriter based in Gloucestershire. I understand that web copywriting isn't everyone's preferred activity, or their greatest skill. That's why, since 2006, a big part of my work has been crafting online copy (web pages, blog posts, SEO landing pages, online articles and similar) for clients who don't have the time, inclination or specialist skills to write.

If that's you, if you know you need effective website copy, but aren't able to write it yourself, I can help. In fact,  I could soon be helping you get web copy writing off your to-do list and working hard for you online.

You owe it to yourself and your business to populate your website with engaging copy (not just cheap and cheerful 'content') – and keep adding to it. Imagine how good you'll feel when I write, you get on with other business tasks, and you tick another job off your list. Let's talk!

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More on choosing your website copywriter

If you're a business owner, manager or agency creative director, you probably 'get' the value of hiring a skilled copywriter. But what if you're a web designer or developer? If that's you, my website copywriting could help you make more money. How? By offering your clients a valuable add-on service – my skills and experience. There's a great pay-off for you too. How often have you 'finished' a client website, yet found yourself waiting weeks for them to supply copy so you can complete the site and invoice your final payment? Just a thought. Whether you're in Gloucestershire or further afield, we should talk.

Do you have the time and skills for website copywriting?

So, what if you work for a marketing agency that needs a website copy writer. Or you're a business owner or manager who understands the importance of web copywriting, but simply hasn't the time or skills to write – and doesn't want to employ a full-time copywriting specialist. Either way, I'll help you create the quality web copy that's essential for success with human site visitors and search engines.

Just out of interest, are any of these on your to-do list?

I thought so. Let's see how I can help you


Ecommerce website copywriter for WatchGecko


If you're determined to have a go at website copywriting...

If you're really determined to have a go at your own website copywriting, the least I can do is offer a few professional tips. Here goes:

  • Know what you want the website page to achieve for you.
  • Research a set of semantically-related keywords/phrases around the main page topic.
  • Top-load the page with the most important information and message, including an initial call to action 'above the fold'.
  • Add useful, relevant 'More about...' content lower on the page; Google actually likes to see a good volume of copy (anything between 1000 and 10,000 words if it is useful, well-written and formatted for a good user-experience (UX).
  • Be guided by the classic Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action progression (AIDA); support it with social proof such as a testimonial.

If I could show how my website copywriting skills could help you, you'd want my input wouldn't you? I’m still amazed how often website launches are delayed because, though the design is complete, busy site owners simply haven't the time or copywriting skills to create the quality copy that the site deserves.

Can you really afford to delay your site launch while you try to be your own web site copywriter? Let me help you, as Gloucester digital agency did when they trusted me with their website copywriting.

website copywriter for Iconnet digital agency


Content is king – my skills complement your skills

It wasn't long ago that web 'content' writers only needed to stuff a few keywords into 'thin' page content to get noticed and perform well in search engine results pages (SERPS).

Today, search engines are more sophisticated than ever and web-design rules change faster than the Gloucestershire weather! The only certainty is that having a skilled web site writer is more important than ever – as clients such as the Geckota Limited (above) and animal charity NDAA (below) discovered...


Website copywriter for new NDAA website.


So did specialist engineering business, Evoke Supplies.

And electromagnetic coil specialists, Anstee Coil Technology

Technical website copywriter for Anstee Coil Technology


Strong copywriting is an important business differentiator

Have you noticed how hard it is to set your business apart online? Your site architecture is pretty much the same as your competitors. And it needs to work on a desktop, tablet and smartphone just like their responsive website. Your usability needs to be right, which probably means the user experience (UX) aspects are similar too. There goes another opportunity to differentiate yourself and your website. What's more, the more you do the things that everyone tells you are essential for your website, the harder it is to set yourself apart from competitors.



Webite copywriter for Firestarter Marketing Services


Case studies and well-researched online articles are one of the keys to developing a powerful website. A skilled webiter copywriter can help – as I do for UK-based Firestarter Marketing Services (above and below):


Website copywriter / articles writer for Firestarter Marketing Services


Excellent copy has always differentiated organisations

But there is a solution and I can help you harness its power. Powerful web copywriting. Actually, the words you use on your website are one of the few things (maybe the only thing) that will truly differentiate you.

Words are simple, highly effective tools for setting anyone or any organisation apart. But using them skillfully to convey the right tone of voice online, is hard and requires a lot of practice.

Excellent copywriting, crafted by skilled practitioners, has always differentiated organisations. Recently, I was reading Larry Dobrow's superb book, When Advertising Tried harder again. As David Abbott writes on the dust jacket:

'If I were a young copywriter (which I'm not) Larry Dobrow's book would have me cursing the fates that made me miss the '60s. Here are all the great ads and the stories behind them.'

The classic 1960s ads for Volvo, VW and Avis

It's true, Dobrow's book includes many of the classic 1960s ads by household name brands such as Volvo ('Drive it like you hate it'), Volkswagen ('It was the only thing to do after the mule died.') and Avis ('Avis can't afford dirty ashtrays'). When you read these again, you realise just how strong and differentiating the copy was – and how they defined the tone of voice of these companies for years.


Of course, back then, when Doyle Dane Bernbach created some of the most iconic ads ever, the internet and websites were still decades away. But thought the way we communicate and consume messages has changed beyond all recognition since those heady days of Madison Avenue's Madmen, the importance of copywriting as a business and brand differentiator has arguably become even more important.

As online copywriting guru Nick Usborne writes in net words:

'On the Web, words can set your site apart just as economically and just as powerfully [as they did for the 1960s print ads]. Right now, that kind of powerful writing just isn't happening.'

Usborne wrote that in 2002, yet a decade and a half later, the web and the internet, maybe the defining technology of our time, is still packed with similarly standard, personality-lacking, corporate speak that serves not to differentiate, but to make businesses look more and more like their competitors. Oops! Fortunately, a skilled website copywriter can help...


Website copywriter for Gloucestershire-based MA Design and Metamorphose Sales Training


Too much copy fails to differentiate

It happens with large corporations and it happens with local SMEs. It's a shame, given the power of well-written copy to differentiate organisations like yours in a way that's highly defensible. What does that mean? It means that if you can write your website copy (and your brochure copy, and your emails, and your case studies...) with a strong, character-packed 'voice' that's unmistakably yours, you can (to use Usborne's words again) 'insulate your business from your competitors'.

Finding your unique voice starts with writing website copy conversationally. And it means using a reassuringly human voice as you communicate with your website visitors.

I'm constantly amazed to see people who would talk normally and 'conversationally' in a sales meeting or one-to-one with a prospect, write website copy that is cold, aloof, impersonal and full of corporate-speak. Why does it happen, even with friendly, articulate engaging people?

Write as you would talk

I believe it goes back to the (incorrect) presumption that, when they write a website or brochure, they have to write in a distinctive 'corporate' style. Sadly, this only serves to lower them to the communication level of every other website that doesn't communicate directly to readers with a conversational style.

Writing conversationally needn't be unprofessional. With skill and experience, it's easy to pitch the tone of voice to the target audience, but conversational it should be to make the most of the inner dialogue that goes on with your website visitor. When he or she is reading your page content, as you are reading mine now, the writer of the website copy (in this case, me) is talking with the reader (you). If we were talking in a meeting or in a coffee shop, I'd say 'you' and 'yours' and 'we' and 'me'; I'd also ask questions to engage you; and I'd pepper my speech with contractions. And so, most probably, would you. And we'd have a friendly, professional conversation. We'd communicate. Which is, after all, exactly what you want to do on your website.

To create copy that sets you apart takes skill

Let's finish this section with another quote from net words:

'It's simple to write ordinary copy that sets your site side by side with dozens of other, ordinary competitors. But to create copy that sets you apart, it takes a lot more skill.'

And that's where I can help you, as I've helped many others since before going freelance in 2006.

A reliable copywriting partner

Just as we can't all be web designers, accountants or intellectual property (IP) lawyers, we can't all be internet copywriting specialists! If you haven't the time, knowledge or specialist skill to do your own online copywriting, it's time we had a chat

Even if you can write, is copywriting really the best use of your valuable time? I thought not! Now, with the late Stephen Covey in mind, imagine all the other 'urgent and important' business tasks you could be doing while I write. Suddenly, hiring a specialist website copywriter like me for writing tasks such as these makes perfect sense:

Website copywriter: website case study example


Website copywriting and editing for businesses like yours

I can help you with your website copywriting and SEO content. I already do so for businesses like yours in Gloucestershire, surrounding counties and elsewhere in the UK and I've been doing it for over 10 years now.

And if your budget is really tight, my editing and rewriting skills can cost-effectively turn your rough content into sparkling polished copy. It's almost as good as writing from scratch!

Here are a few of my website copywriting clients:

UK website copywriter for outdoor activity insurance

From a watch and watchstrap microbrand to chauffeur companies, landscaping and construction, I've hwlped these companies and others to communicate more effectively online. And I can do the same for you.

As a professional website copywriter, it's important that I fully understand what you want to achieve with your website and its content. That's why you should arrange your no-obligation web copywriting consultation today.

Please call 01242 520 573 or email me

website and seo copywriter for specialist insurance brokers

Calling website designers and developers

Are you a web designer or SEO specialist? Or a graphic designer who’s into website design? If so, imagine how offering well-written website content would add value to your business proposition. Besides, why let prospective customers go to your competitors who offer website and SEO copy services? It's just not necessary when you and your digital copywriter can give them just what they need. I can be that copywriter. That's why I'm always keen to discuss strategic alliances with professional web design and development businesses like yours.

Your web design skills and my website copywriting...

As your Gloucestershire-based writing partner, my web copywriting skills complement your web design expertise and website content strategy. I already work with businesses like yours, businesses such as MA Design, Mosaique Design,, Design Fibre and others. I'm fast, friendly, and reliable, and conveniently based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK.

Please call 01242 520 573 or email me


Al Hidden, websdite copywriter in Cheltenham


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